Holiday homes & holiday apartments with sauna

Feel-good holidays at ALPS RESORTS in Austria & Bavaria

If you have just returned from the pistes or a nice hike, a session in the sauna works wonders. In our holiday homes and holiday apartments with private sauna, you are able to enjoy a rejuvenating holiday in Austria or Bavaria with a special wellness touch.

Tauernsuites Mitterwirt Piesendorf by ALPS RESORTS
Tauernsuites Mitterwirt Piesendorf by ALPS RESORTS
Inzell Chalets by ALPS RESORTS
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The highlights of your stay in a holiday home/holiday apartment with sauna

  • Fully equipped holiday homes and holiday apartments
  • in Tyrol, Salzburg, Carinthia, Styria and Bavaria
  • with private Finnish sauna or infrared sauna
  • choice of pool or hot tub
  • some with wellness area at the resort
  • for families, groups and couples
  • by arrangement, also accompanied by your dog.

Sauna at your holiday home: healthy & revitalizing

Whether a spacious holiday home in Bavaria or a luxurious holiday apartment in Austria – in your own sauna, you will be able to unwind in a private atmosphere. Simply lean back and enjoy the warmth on your skin, doing something good for your body, mind and soul. Saunas have always been considered the healthy thing to do. No wonder since it strengthens the immune system, improves blood circulation and is proven to reduce stress. Which, in turn, has positive effects on the psyche. Furthermore, the sauna helps eliminate metabolic waste products and enhance skin complexion. You should take advantage of all these benefits for maximum regeneration and wellbeing during your timeout at ALPS RESORTS.

Sauna in summer? Feel free!

On those cold winter days, it makes absolute sense to step into the sauna after spending time on the slopes. That said, you should also make use of the private sauna in your holiday home or holiday apartment in summer as well. Especially after a hiking expedition or an extended bicycle tour, your body needs a short timeout in order to recuperate from the physical stresses of the day. The private sauna in your holiday home or holiday apartment is the perfect place to do just that. Due to the warmth, your muscles will relax, strained muscles will heal faster, while the muscle aches on the following day will be kept to a minimum. Active holidaymakers, especially, really value these healing effects.

Holiday homes & holiday apartments with Finnish sauna or infrared sauna

Our ALPS RESORTS in Austria and Bavaria are mainly equipped with Finnish saunas and infrared cabins. Whereas in the classic sauna the air is heated up with the help of regular infusions, infrared radiation warms the body up gently from the inside out. In the Finnish sauna, the temperatures are higher (80 – 100 °C), which shortens your sauna session to 10 – 15 minutes. In the infrared sauna meanwhile, thanks to temperatures from 45 – 60 °C you can easily sit or lie there and relax completely for 20 – 25 minutes. Regardless of whether you opt for a holiday home with Finnish sauna or a holiday apartment with infrared sauna – both are equally healthy and beneficial.

Sauna the right way: heat followed by a cool-down

It is really important to cool down right after your sauna session so that your blood vessels contract again. In winter, that’s easy: Step out onto the balcony outside your holiday apartment and enjoy the fresh air – where you will also be rewarded by marvelous views of the Alpine landscapes. Or, in Finnish manner, rub yourself down with the snow that lies on the ground right there in front of your holiday home. The cold shower afterwards is an absolute must year-round. It is especially refreshing and the crowning glory of each and every visit to the sauna.

Feel-good holidays in Austria & Bavaria thanks to private wellness oases  

After a physically strenuous day of skiing or hiking, you are best advised to return to your holiday home with private sauna where pure relaxation is guaranteed. Some of our holiday homes and holiday apartments in Austria and Bavaria aren’t only equipped with their own sauna, but also a private pool or hot tub. In Bavaria, for example – at Inzell Chalets and Englmar Chalets, to be precise – the hot tubs on the terraces promise unforgettable holiday moments. In contrast to standard hot tubs, these are heated with wood and require a certain amount of patience – ideal for guests who appreciate every single moment, especially listening to the crackle of the fire.

Holiday homes & holiday apartments in Austria with access to a wellness area

Some ALPS RESORTS in Austria also feature a general wellness area. There, pools, steam baths and, in some cases, herbal saunas invite you to unwind wonderfully. Only a few meters from your own holiday home or holiday apartment, you can truly relax and escape the outside world:

Fully equipped holiday homes & holiday apartments with sauna in Austria & Bavaria

All holiday homes and holiday apartments of ALPS RESORTS feature a fully equipped kitchen and offer plenty of space for families, groups and couples. Upon request, dogs are more than welcome. Browse our resort overview and discover our 30+ ALPS RESORTS in Tyrol, Styria, Carinthia, Salzburg and Bayern.