Attractions in Zillertal: Natural Wonders of a Mountain World

Wild Nature and Vibrant Culture Guarantee an Unforgettable Vacation in Zillertal!

Let us assure you, the attractions of Zillertal, with its breathtaking natural spectacles, will linger in your memory for years to come. Glaciers, waterfalls, caves, alpine tarns, nature parks, and countless more highlights are just waiting to be discovered amid the mountains. Added to that: unique traditions, vivacious festivals, and culinary delights galore.

Our centrally located Zillertal Suites Fügen, complete with spacious wellness area, fully-equipped kitchens, and high-quality interior décor, are the perfect base for your marvelous holiday adventure.

What Makes the Zillertal and Its Attractions So Special

A holiday for everyone, with everything! Whether you wish to have a snowball fight in the middle of summer or dive into crystal-clear lake water at 1700 meters above sea level – Zillertal makes out-of-the-ordinary dreams come true. Earth's geological history has sculpted an array of sightseeing attractions in Zillertal, such as adventurous gorges, mysterious glaciers, and magical waterfalls.

The size of Zillertal, being the largest side valley in Tyrol, is equally impressive. Simultaneously, it has given rise to a very lively, musical, and convivial folk culture. Picturesque villages, mountain passes and scenic roads, theme trails and museums, quaint churches and village squares, a historic steam train, show farms and local businesses that teach about regional products – the attractions in Zillertal infuse your holiday with life. Plus, with every meter you climb in elevation, an even more spectacular panorama awaits!!

Whether you seek tranquility or adventure, whether you aim for a holiday that is active or mellow, in summer or in winter, Zillertal invites you to enjoy an incomparable holiday experience year-round.

The Four Holiday Regions of Zillertal: Each One a Gem

The Zillertal is divided into four distinct holiday regions. Approaching from the north, at the entrance to Zillertal valley, lies the Fügen-Kaltenbach region. Sun-worshippers are certain to feel right at home here. It is the widest part of Zillertal, and hence where the sun shines longest. With two major ski areas meanwhile, Hochzillertal-Hochfügen and Spieljoch (also a popular destination for outdoor sports in summer), beginners and “pros” are sure to find what they seek.

Good to know: Our Zillertal Suites Fügen are located in the town of Fügen.

With over 4,300 permanent residents, Fügen is the largest town in Zillertal and boasts excellent infrastructure. Retail stores, supermarkets, dining establishments and entertainment venues, cultural sites, mountain lifts, a train station, and a spa resort are all within walking distance of your holiday apartment in Zillertal.

The adjoining holiday region of Zell-Gerlos is characterized by idyllic villages like Zell am Ziller, while the Mayrhofen-Hippach region marks the beginning of the Zillertal Alps High Mountain Nature Park with its vast pristine landscapes. The southernmost holiday region, Tux-Finkenberg, makes a particularly venturesome impression with its countless glaciers and waterfalls. Overall, the Zillertal extends about 47 kilometers.

A True Zillertal Attraction: Welcome to the “Valley of Music”

Whether folk music, wind music, Alpine rock, pop, or classical, the Zillertal boasts more than 200 musical ensembles. With a total population of 35,000 inhabitants, this represents an impressive concentration of musical talent indeed! Locally, Zillertal is even aptly nicknamed the "Valley of Music."

The region is known for its fast, foot-stomping, and contagious rhythms. Perhaps no other piece symbolizes this as powerfully as the Zillertaler Tramplan, also known as the Zillertal Wedding March. The catchy feel-good rhythms won't keep people in their seats for long! Enjoy the rich variety of Zillertal music, featuring wind instruments, accordions (also known as the “Styrian harmonica”), guitars, harmonicas, harps, and more.

The lively musical tradition in this Tyrolean region has historical roots. In the 19th century, mining activities in the Zillertal valley were largely abandoned. Many Zillertalers were forced to travel as itinerant traders or peddlers. To attract attention, they took their instruments along with them, playing songs from their homeland while also adapting popular melodies from other regions.

The worldwide fame of the Christmas carol "Silent Night, Holy Night" is largely attributable to the Zillertal. The Strasser family's children sang the song for the first time in Germany in front of their Christmas stand at the Leipzig Christmas market in 1831. They later performed concerts all over the country. The Strasserhäusl in Hippach, the family's former residence, is now a historically listed farmhouse with a museum.

The best way to acquaint yourself with the music of Zillertal is at one of the countless concerts and music festivals held throughout the year in this region which seemingly celebrates at the drop of a hat. Famous festivals include the Schürzenjäger Open Air in Finkenberg, the JUZIopenair with the Junge Zillertaler in Strass, the Ursprung Buam Festival, and the Blechlawine Brass Music Festival, both in Mayrhofen. In the town of Fügen, near our Zillertal Suites Fügen, concerts from the series "Fascination Brass Music" take place every Tuesday.

Museums and Cultural Highlights in Zillertal

  • Gauder Fest: Marvel at the colorful, richly decorated costumes with traditional "Ranzen" embroidery at Austria's largest folk-costume festival!
  • Theater festivals such as Stummer Schrei and Steudltenn
  • Snowbombing Musik Festival in Mayrhofen, where renowned DJs attract many international guests, including from England and Scandinavia

Do you want to learn more about the culture and nature of this region? Then be sure to visit the following museums and attractions in Zillertal:

  • Local Heritage Museum at the Widum Pfarre in Fügen
    (history of singing families from Zillertal, exhibition of traditional crafts)
  • FeuerWerk Holzerlebniswelt in Fügen
    (wood-focused guided tours plus cultural program including art, music, and literature)
  • Zillertal Regional Museum in Zell am Ziller
  • the three museums in the Zillertal Alps High Mountain Nature Park: Ibex.Worlds, Glacier.Worlds, and Cultural.Worlds
  • Mehlerhaus in Tux with traditional farmhouse furnishings
  • Gold Mine in Hainzenberg
  • Öxltal Show Mine with guided mine tours, on the Spieljoch outside Fügen
  • Tux Mill from the year 1839
  • Show businesses such as schnapps distilleries, cheese dairies, and crafts (weaving, loden production), for example, the farm of Erlebnissennerei Zilltertal in Mayrhofen, the Art of Brewing House in Zell am Ziller, and the Zillertal Haymilk Dairy in Fügen.

Fancy traveling traditionally yet exclusively? Then we most definitely recommend a ride through the Zillertal on a historic steam train, featuring the Crystal Carriage adorned with 60,000 Swarovski stones! You can even rent this carriage for special celebrations.

Mountain villages like the pilgrimage destination of Maria Brettfall and historically listed farmhouse buildings don’t only look great in a photo album. Picturesque churches and chapels also promise a rewarding detour, such as the Deanery Church of the Assumption in Fügen and the Sacred Heart Chapel on the Zellberg.

Impressive Facts & Figures from Nature Paradise Zillertal

Nature is one of the biggest attractions in the Zillertal valley. Fresh mountain air, bubbling crystal-clear water, and untouched natural landscapes filled with biodiversity – a world, in other words, where you can leave the stresses and concerns of daily life far behind.
In Zillertal, you will encounter:

  • over 9,000 animal species, including 500 species of butterfly
  • 1,000 springs producing drinking water
  • over 1,300 different plant species
  • around 445 alpine pastures for summer grazing
  • 72 mountains higher than 3,000 meters
  • 56 km course of the Ziller river
  • 422 m² square kilometers of untouched natural landscapes inside the Zillertal Alps High Mountain Nature Park
Hiking   Zillertal, Tyrol

Rare Biodiversity in the Zillertal Alps High Mountain Nature Park

The Zillertal Alps High Mountain Nature Park is a highlight in the truest sense of the word. It extends from 1,000 meters in the mountaineering village of Ginzling to a height of 3,509 meters atop the Hochfeiler. Spanning 422 square kilometers, it accounts for 40 percent of the total area of the Zillertal. Here you can admire unique botanical features, such as a gorge forest, species-rich flowering alpine meadows, and even an orchid village. Geological natural wonders, such as the mysterious Tor tarns, babbling mountain streams, and magical glaciers are certain to captivate you.

Tip: Explore the Nature Park on a guided hike. From May to October, over 200 hikes on various themes are offered. Family-friendly hikes guide you through herb gardens and take you in the footsteps of insect researchers. Easy to moderate hikes, for example, lead past the roaring Keilkeller waterfall, pursue traces of the Stone Age on the Pfitscher Joch, or reveal magnificent scenery in the sunny village of Brandberg. On challenging hikes like the one to the Grüblspitze, you can observe wildlife, including marmots and chamois, in their natural habitat.

More Unforgettable Natural Experiences in Zillertal

Be sure to plan a visit to the exciting world of the Hintertuxer Glacier. Even at the height of summer, you can expect snow and ice up there. At 3,520 meters above sea level, you step out onto a panoramic terrace with a fantastic view. Dare to venture into the natural Ice Palace as part of a guided hike through this extraordinary phenomenon of Mother Nature. Young and old alike are certain to enjoy themselves at these airy elevations, not least thanks to a tubing track, climbing walls, and giant slides.

You can also feel the impressive forces of nature on a hike to one of the many waterfalls, which count amongst the most beautiful sights in Zillertal. The highest waterfall in this valley is the Stuibenfall, dropping some 150 meters. You can either observe the Stuibenfall in complete comfort from one of the five viewing platforms or, more daringly, cross it with the assistance of a wire cable. Several Kneipp facilities await along the Waalweg, close to the Stuibenfall, where refreshing water will give your circulatory system an invigorating boost. On the Tuxer Waterfall Path, you will pass several waterfalls in the course of a 3.2 km hiking loop, including the Schraubenfall with its cave.

Adrenaline junkies will definitely feel their hearts pounding faster on the summit of the Hochfeiler. At an impressive 3,510 meters, it is considered the highest mountain in Zillertal. The wooden Devil's Bridge, which spans a 70-meter deep gorge, will thrill adventure-seekers as will a visit to the Spannagel Cave. The only marble cave in the Alps is located in the Hintertuxer Valley at 2500 m above sea level, and can be explored as part of a guided tour.

Tip: Certain to take your breath away! At the Ahorn Eagle Station, the highest in all of Europe, watch Alpine birds of prey plunge out of the sky at speeds clocking as much as 200 km/h!

Note for all animal lovers: Zillertal, with its green countryside and warm summers (highs averaging around 25 degrees Celsius), is also perfect for holidays with a dog. Upon request, we will be happy to prepare a warm welcome for your “puppy” at our Zillertal Suites Fügen.

1400 km Hiking and Adventure Paradise – In the Footsteps of Mountain Legends

Not only in the Zillertal Alps High Mountain Nature Park but also on over 1400 km of hiking trails, hiking enthusiasts will find a wide range of routes with varying levels of difficulty for a perfect hiking holiday. Sometimes the tours are family-friendly on flat paths through the valley, and sometimes it's all about the physical challenges of conquering imposing mountain peaks. 10 summer lifts are also available to carry you high into the mountains in complete comfort.

Ideal family destinations include, for example, the 8 km long Tux Adventure Trail with 14 play stations including wobbly bridges, rope ride, and playgrounds. Even more action is offered on Spieljoch “Adventure Mountain”, where the Spieljochbahn takes you comfortably all the way to the top. In fact, the valley station of this lift is only 850 meters from our Zillertal Suites Fügen. Up there, you can combine numerous hikes with action stations such as a water world, a crystal mine, and a barefoot and balance course.
Also read our tips on the topic of “Hiking with Children”.

Slightly older adventurers will be thrilled to glide weightlessly high above the Kanzbucht, safely attached to the Mega Flying Fox zipline. Your head for heights will definitely be put to the test on the Nepal Bridge or on the high ropes course on the Spieljoch. Meanwhile, fans of downhilling are sure to love racing down the mountainside on the monster scooters or monster go-carts!

Trekking fans will also feel their pulses racing in Zillertal. The Peter Habeler Tour is actually named after the famous Zillertal native who was the first to climb Mount Everest together with Reinhold Messner. Divided into six stages, the tour has a total length of 56.5 km. It leads around the summit of the Olperer at 3,476 meters. The mountaineering village of Ginzling is a perfect starting point. Yet another trekking path through the Zillertal valley is the Berliner Höhenweg (“Berlin High Trail”). A list of essential equipment can be found here. You can also be physically active on 57 different Nordic Walking routes, 7 trail runs, and 34 running paths in Zillertal.

Biking, Golfing, Water Sports, Paragliding, and Rafting in the Zillertal

Over 1,300 km of bike trails keep cycling fans in Zillertal on the move. The 31 km long Zillertal Cycle Path wends its way quietly alongside the river and through the valley, passing by many-and-varied attractions such as the Zell Amusement Park, Mariengarten Schlitters, the Schlitters swimming lake, and the Strasserhäusl Museum. Mountain bike afficionados will certainly want to make a beeline for the Isskogel boasting four different single tracks ranging from 0.3 to 6.5 km in length. On the 53 km long Zillertal Höhenweg, you will be able to lean into your pedals as new, breathtaking panoramas reveal themselves behind every curve. Of course, the Zillertal Höhenweg is also a great attraction for those traveling in by car or motorcycle. If you ever happen to run out of “steam”: you can always transport your bikes on the Zillertal railway as well as the summer lifts.

Located only 3.5 km from Zillertal Suites Fügen is the Zillertal Golf Club. In fact, from tennis courts to mini-golf, you will find everything in Zillertal for your personal recreational pleasure.

The Zillertal is also well-equipped for a holiday by the lake. In addition to many smaller lakes and outdoor adventure pools, four large lake resorts stand out with their perfect infrastructure and numerous leisure activities. These include the idyllic Ahornsee, where you even have the opportunity to refine your sailing skills, the Durlassboden Reservoir Germoos with a windsurfing school and boat rentals, and a bathing lake in Erlebnispark Aufenfeld, also featuring a waterfall, roller-skating track, and go-cart rentals. For something really special, we suggest the Fichtensee, located on the Rosenalm at 1700 meters above sea level. Here, the youngsters will be thrilled by the giant playground with climbing equipment, while the grown-ups can relax on comfy wooden boats, taking in the view of the surrounding countryside.

If you prefer to be on flowing, or, to be more precise, rushing water, you will find numerous rafting opportunities in Zillertal. Outdoor sports at loftier elevations include several via ferratas, rock-climbing centers and high ropes courses, along with indoor climbing gyms. Meanwhile, on the Spieljoch the children will be able to practice their own climbing technique.

Speaking of the Spieljoch, if you wish, you can take things to even higher heights, leaving the cares of daily life on terra firma far below. During a tandem paragliding flight lasting between 10 and 25 minutes, you will be able to admire the mountain scenery of the Zillertal Alps from a bird's-eye view. Further paragliding opportunities are offered, for example, over the Achensee.

Tip: Also attend one of the sporting events in the region, such as the Tornado European Championship sailing regatta on the Achensee or running events like the Schlegeis 3000 Skyrace, the Mayrhofen Ultraks, or the Zillertal Ibex Run.

Winter Sports on Excellent Pistes in Zillertal

When it comes to skiing holidays in Zillertal, one word says it all: excellent. This is how the Zillertal was classified by the rating platform In the Fügen-Zell holiday region, the variety-packed Hochzillertal ski area (with “Early Bird Skiing”), Hochfügen (with freeride runs), and the ski areas of Spieljoch “Family Mountain” all beckon. They also provide slopes suitable for children and beginners. Additionally, fun slopes and fun parks promise nonstop enjoyment on the pistes. Even more ski slopes can be found in the Zillertal Arena and next to the Mayrhofen mountain lifts (Montopolis), as well as in Ski & Glacier World Zillertal 3000, where you can even treat yourself to the pure luxury of skiing in summer!

Overall, a ski area of 544 km with 180 lifts awaits you. Needless to say, the ski schools, ski rentals, equipment, transport, and storage in the Zillertal leave no wish unfulfilled. Cross-country skiing, tobogganing, winter hiking, snowshoeing, and ice skating can also be enjoyed at various locations throughout Zillertal.

Tip: If you want to warm up afterwards, you can find pleasant opportunities both at the Erlebnistherme spa resort in Fügen, located 750 meters from your accommodations, as well as right there in the exclusive 200 m² wellness area of Zillertal Suites Fügen (including a heated outdoor pool and three saunas).

Folk Customs in Zillertal

We have already raved about local musical traditions earlier on this page. Fortunately, the folk-costume traditions have likewise been nurtured and preserved. To this day, the Tux folk costume is adorned with intricate Ranzen embroidery. Ranzen are leather belts, decorated by means of quill embroidery. This same style of embroidery is also applied to shoes, handbags, clockfaces, and cowbell straps. Meanwhile, the Zillertal Doggln are absolute best-sellers when it comes to comfortable ways to warm your feet. These shoes are made of high-quality felt or loden. The wool comes from local Alpine stone sheep. Admire this fashionable craftsmanship at the Gauder Fest in Zillertal, the largest folk-costume festival in all of Austria!

Other folk-heritage celebrations include village festivals such as Almauftrieb/Almabtrieb and the Grasausläuten. In addition, there are many festivals hosted by folk groups, including ceremonial militias and young farmers associations, along with Advent customs involving Krampus, who sports a devil’s mask. He appears in the company of St. Nick, who checks closely to see whether the children have been “naughty or nice”.

In terms of folk music, the annual JUZI Festival has evolved into a real crowd-magnet with many guests even traveling in from Germany. The Schürzenjäger, Ursprung Buam, Zillertaler Haderlumpen, and many other groups also tour the Zillertal annually or host concerts or festivals of their very own. From traditional to rock – Zillertal music is ultra-captivating and immensely enjoyable to boot.

Culinary Traditions in Zillertal: An Attraction for All the Senses

Zillertal cooking is hearty, honest, and connected with nature. From meadow herbs and other alpine plants to hearty doughnuts and sweet dumplings, cockle-warming soups, meat and fish, there is something for everyone. Bite by bite, sip by sip, you will taste the aromatic, robust ingredients. Why not try the following regional delicacies:

  • Zillertal savory doughnuts made of dough, filled with potatoes, grey cheese, and curd cheese
  • Zillertal “woodcutter's doughnuts” made of pancake dough, spread with a filling of potatoes, cheese, and quark (curd cheese), served as rolls.
  • Groiggn (fried meat cubes, served with bread or sauerkraut)
  • Melchermuas (dough pieces with lingonberry jam)
  • Moosbeernocken
  • Beer soup and trout in beer sauce
  • Liver dumpling and cheese dumpling soups
  • Zillertal-style oven-baked liver
  • Zillertal beer and Zichner (pine schnapps from Zillertal)

You are welcome to cook these specialties in the fully equipped kitchens of our Zillertal Suites Fügen. If you need to prepare something quickly, you will find more recipe ideas here for your self-catering holiday.

Indulge your culinary cravings at any of over 150 gastronomic establishments in the Zillertal. Whether alpine huts, restaurants, gourmet establishments, inns, cozy cafés, trendy bars – enjoy the culinary diversity of the Zillertal mountain world. An overview of the gastronomic offerings can be found on this webpage.


Are guided hikes offered in Zillertal?

The best way to explore the 1400 km network of hiking trails in Zillertal is with the help of a hiking guide. We particularly recommend a guided hike in the Zillertal Alps High Mountain Nature Park.

Here you can choose from over 200 hikes and 30 different themes. In this way, you will learn far more about the region's fauna and flora, geological features, folk customs, and history. Some theme hikes may include a museum visit. You can sign up for a tour led by a professionally trained nature guide until 8 pm of the day before.

What events take place in Zillertal on a regular basis?

Classics such as the Gauder Fest, the Mayrhofen Snowbombing Festival, the Zillertal Ibex Run, and the JUZI-Festival hosted by the Junge Zillertaler take place annually, often on a fixed date such as the first weekend in May (Gauder Fest). Many popular Zillertal music groups also perform in various locations. You can find a view of current events in this overview.

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