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“Mountains make you happy”, they say. And they really do – all year long. They give us special moments. Such as a great bite to eat enjoyed on the terrace in front of a mountain hut during Alpine Summer. Or in springtime, when the first crocuses stick their white and purple heads up out of the last fields of snow. When, in winter, you clamp on your skis and know the best is yet to come: slicing back down the mountain through virgin powder. Or even in autumn, when the visibility is jaw-dropping and you have the mountain practically to yourself. What other arguments are there for a hiking holiday in autumn? Here are just a few!

Natural spectacle: colorful mountains in Autumn

Before the colorful autumn leaves begin to play catch again, we can look forward to a glorious play of color during our hikes – of yellows, reds, browns and greens. Perhaps winter has already sent us its first greetings and the peaks are dusted in snow. The temperatures are pleasant, even quite cool early in morning, the air is dry. As a consequence, the visibility is even better than usual and the sight of the mountaintops is even more impressive. And that, in turn, is yet another reason for mind and spirit to rejoice, as you stand there on the summit, gazing out across all those mountains towards the distant horizon!

Alpenpark Turracher Höhe by ALPS RESORTS

Stag Rut in the National Park

September is the time: rutting season! The stags vie for the favor of the females, and you can hear them roaring from afar. Hormone-soaked territorial fights ensue. During your autumn holiday in Austria, you have the chance to witness this natural spectacle. For example, on a national park excursion with a trained ranger who knows the rutting sites of the red deer and can show you capital stags. In the Hohe Tauern National Park holiday region, a ranger tour is a unique experience that we can only recommend to our guests at ALPS RESORTS. In the Gesäuse near the Erzberg Alpin Resorts, tours are also offered. Nature lovers should not miss the Gesäuse National Park, which impresses with its diverse flora and fauna in autumn. Here you can also try out adventure sports such as rafting or climbing.

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Autumnal delicacies on holiday in Austria

A hiking holiday will make you twice as happy if something delicious awaits you upon conclusion of your mountaineering tour. How fortunate, then, that autumn in this part of the world is also the time when you will discover chanterelles shooting up everywhere from the forest floor. Chanterelle goulash with semolina dumplings and breaded penny-bun schnitzels are practically impossible to resist. So, where are the best places to hunt for mushrooms close to our apartments and chalets? Naturally, we won’t say! But if you do come across them, you will be able to prepare the natural treasures you have collected in the fully equipped kitchens of our holiday homes and apartments. Or simply stop by our reception and ask which restaurants or inns close to your holiday abode serve these exquisite delicacies. For example, hearty dishes such as pumpkin cream soup, dumplings, game dishes and delicious pastries such as apple strudel and plum dumplings.

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Hiking does body and soul good.

It has been medically proven that exercise in the fresh air has positive effects on our brain and releases endorphins. The so-called “happiness hormones”. The immune system is strengthened, while our musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and respiratory systems are also improved. That feeling, after a hike, of having done something good for yourself and collected yet another unforgettable mountaineering experience: simply priceless. And since we happen to be on the topic of prices: Summer high season is now over, which means you will be able to take full advantage of our numerous holiday bargains. Why not have a quick look at the autumn offers for our holiday apartments and holiday homes in Salzburger Land, Styria, Carinthia and Tyrol! Mountains make you happy. You simply have to decide which is your favorite destination!

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Autumn holiday in Austria at ALPS RESORTS

Whether you are travelling alone, as a couple, with friends or family – an autumn holiday in a holiday home in Austria promises unforgettable moments and a special connection to nature. Sit back, relax and let yourself be enchanted by the fascination of the Austrian autumn. Choosing a holiday home offers many advantages. You can decide, for example, whether you prefer a holiday flat with a sauna, a holiday home with a pool or a tree house where you can feel at home. Our accommodations are fully equipped, with a kitchen, cozy living area. Enjoy the colorful landscape and recharge your batteries during your autumn holiday in Austria.

Conclusion: Autumn holiday in Austria:

Overall, Austria in autumn offers a harmonious mix of nature, culture, culinary delights and relaxation. Whether you want to explore the mountains, visit charming towns or simply drift away amidst the autumnal beauty, an autumn holiday in Austria is sure to provide you with unforgettable memories.

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Photo materials (c) The stag rut: Hohe Tauern National Park (Ferdinand Rieder)

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