Gabi from Ferienresort Inzell tells us which excursion destinations in and around Chiemsee and Königssee are especially rewarding in autumn.

Frillensee and Forsthaus Adlgass

Before the leaves have abandoned their trees altogether, whilst they are still as radiant as can be, that is when this hike is at its most beautiful: a hike that leads through mixed forest and past 11 interactive stations to the Frillensee (ca. 5.8 km in total). The destination is Germany's coldest lake at around 900 m above sea level, a true oasis of peace & tranquility. On Frillensee, you can relax marvelously. Upon your return to the car park, a visit to Forsthaus Adlgass* is almost obligatory: The three sisters who run the Forsthaus, mainly serve up regional, organic foods. Which you can clearly taste!


Chiemsee with Fraueninsel and Herreninsel islands

A boat ride on the "Bavarian Sea" is as much a part of any Chiemsee holiday as a Maß of beer at Oktoberfest. Including stops at the Herreninsel and Fraueninsel islands. Whilst the first of these impresses with palatial Schloss Herrenchiemsee with its gardens and grounds, on the picturesque Fraueninsel you will be able to take a walk and marvel at the cheerful flower gardens and a free-standing 12th-century bell tower. Ideally, with freshly made marzipan melting on your tongue. It is made in the Marzipan Manufactory at Frauenwörth Abbey and sold in the shop there. #thankmelater 😉


Falkenstein tour with a break at the FuadaWogn

"And Franz's cheesecake is simply divine. You just have to give it a try…“ raves Gabi from Ferienresort Inzell. This cheesecake is available from the FuadaWogn (Bavarian for FoodTruck 😉) of Michi and Franz. The Falkenstein tour would be worthwhile for that cheesecake alone. Or for the Veggie Wrap or the FuadaWogn Burger. As for the hike, it takes you on a barely 2-hour walk along a wide forest path through colorful mixed forest, past three lakes and alongside babbling streams. The FuadaWogn* is near the half-way point.

Königssee and Berchtesgaden

It is reminiscent of a fjord and is one of Germany's cleanest lakes, the Königssee. On an electric motorboat (and only on that boat), you will sail from Schönau to the peninsular of St. Bartholomä with its baroque pilgrimage church, and as far as Salet, the end of Königssee. From there, you can hike to Obersee, to the Fischunkelalm and to Germany's highest waterfall, the Röthbachfall. A visit to Königssee is ideally combined with a side trip to Berchtesgaden and a drive up the Rossfeld scenic road. From the highest point on this toll road, you have a fantastic view of Salzburger Land in Austria and Berchtesgadener Land in Germany. And you won't have to pay the toll charge (coming from the north side) either: the Chiemgau Card is automatically included in the cost of your stay at Ferienresort Inzell.


Autumn in the Chiemgau region is a very special time. Gabi knows the region surrounding Lake Chiemsee like the back of her hand, including the most beautiful spots close to Ferienresort Inzell. She will be happy to reveal to you where you can enjoy the tastiest breakfast of Weißwurst, which nearby brewery offers behind-the-scenes guided tours, and from which mountains in the Chiemgau Alps you will be able to enjoy the most jaw-dropping views. The holiday homes of Ferienresort Inzell are the ideal home base for an autumn holiday in Bavaria, we look forward to seeing you there! Click here for more information about Chiemgau

* Please be aware of opening times during low season.
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Photo materials ©: Königssee and Berchtesgaden: Berchtesgadener Land Tourism; Herreninsel, Fraueninsel, title photo: chiemgau tourismus e.v.jpg

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