"Be cheeky, wild and wonderful!", Astrid Lindgren once advised us. Thanks to our ALPS holiday homes, chalets and apartments, you have plenty of space to do just that. So much space in fact, that even grandma and grandpa can come with you on your Austrian holiday. Awaiting explorers, big and small, right outside their own front door: nature in abundance and countless memorable adventures. For the very best excursion and hiking tips for families, simply stop by the front desk and chat with our local receptionists who know the area like the backs of their own hands. At many of our family resorts, the regional Guest Card is automatically included in the price of your stay -  giving you the opportunity to visit exciting sightseeing attractions in your region either for free or at a discounted price! As is the case with our ALPS Residences in the Hohe Tauern National Park Holiday Region in Salzburger Land.

Family treasure hunt in Raurisertal: panning for gold

There are simply some days when getting up in the morning is more fun than usual. Especially when a vacation day promises lots of adventures and incredible discoveries. Like a day such as this one in Raurisertal in Hohe Tauern National Park: After breakfast enjoyed in our fully equipped apartment at Carpe Solem Rauris, we pack together our rucksack and the kids for the 20-minute drive to the Bodenhaus in Upper Hüttwinkltal. We leave the car on the car park next to the ticket gate for the Kolm Saigurn toll road. After a 5 min walk, we reach the Bodenhaus gold panning site. It’s located by the Kolm Saigurn toll road, in the forest next to the Rauriser Ache – and that’s exactly where we want to see if this is our lucky day. As treasure hunters. Our goal is to pan thin slivers of gold from the water. And that might very well be a distinct possibility – after a brief introduction to the art of gold panning. After all, it is estimated that Rauris still “sits” on approximately 120 tons of gold (!). That’s where (in addition to its golden history) its nickname as the "golden valley of the Alps", comes from. Throughout the valley, we still encounter traces of those gold-mining days of yore. Hiking, for example, in Kolm Saigurn, where, not far from the Neubau refuge hut, you will discover the ruins of former miners’ huts and even a lift. Or right in the center of Rauris itself. As you walk through town, barely five minutes from Carpe Solem Rauris, you will stroll past numerous houses once resided in by mine overseers and owners, including what is today’s village hall. Furthermore, Raurisertal has frequently hosted various gold panning championships (yes, there are indeed such things!), including the European and World Championships during the 1980s and 90s.

As for now, back to the gold-panning site and our own adventures as treasure hunters: Theo, who manages this particular gold-panning site, is a passionate sluicer and shares a few of his secrets with us. The correct way to hold the pan, how much water you need – and last but not least, the spots along the river where you are most likely to strike it rich. Our “treasure hunt” is free with the Nationalpark Sommercard – and you can even take any golden slivers you find back home with you. Only one thing isn’t totally clear: Who will have more fun panning for gold, the kids or daddy?! 😉

Wildlife Watching in Hohe Tauern National Park

Now, we stow away our treasure and return the few steps to our car. We drive back towards the mouth of the valley, to the car park at the entrance to Krumltal. From there, we hike along a wide forestry road through this pristine Rauris side valley, also known as the “valley of vultures”. At the end of the 1980s, rare bearded vultures were successfully reintroduced here. In addition, Krumltal also boasts one of the biggest populations of golden eagles in all of Hohe Tauern National Park. We learned all about the lifestyles and peculiarities of the “kings of the air” when we stopped by the National Park Exhibition located in the Wörth part of Rauris (free with the Nationalpark Sommercard). The forestry lane through Krumltal is easy even for children to handle. Our eyes are constantly distracted, sometimes by the majestic creatures soaring overhead, at others by the sight of chamois clambering along the steep rockfaces. With the shrill whistling of marmots somewhere off in the distance. At a bench along the way, we take a break and enjoy our sandwiches. Amid nature. In the mountains – and with scenery that’s absolutely astonishing.



Summer holidays in an apartment or chalet in Salzburger Land  

On the way back to our exclusive apartment at Carpe Solem Rauris in Salzburger Land, we make a short detour to Kathrin's shop in Bucheben. A fresh, crispy farmhouse bread for our breakfast the next morning along with home-baked cake as our reward for all of that hiking are both absolute "musts". "Back home" in our holiday hideaway, we stretch out in the panorama sauna for a while, before enjoying the sight of the local Rauris mountains from our alpine roof garden, or perhaps floating quietly in the infinity pool. So, what's on tomorrow's program? A lift ride on the Rauriser Hochalmbahn*, which starts right next to the Carpe Solem. Including a bird-of-prey show at the Hochalm and a short hike along Tilly's Forest Path. Not least because, with so many adventures and discoveries along the way, hiking is also lots of fun for the kids. Plus, they sleep really deeply after such an active day out in the fresh air 😉   


It's also worth taking a look at the two other ALPS Residences in the Hohe Tauern National Park Holiday Region in Salzburger Land:

Nationalpark Sommercards are included at all three ALPS Resorts during your summer holidays in the Austrian mountains. Valid for the duration of your stay (incl. arrival and departure days) whenever you stay between 1.5. and 31.10..  


* The lift ride on the Rauriser Hochalmbahn & the bird of prey show are also included with the Nationalpark Sommercard. This premium guest card is included in the cost of your room and can be used at more than 60 attractions in the Hohe Tauern National Park Holiday Region. The perfect hiking equipment for your hiking tours in Raurisertal can be found at Intersport Pirchner located right at Apartmentresort Carpe Solem Rauris.


Photo materials(c) Raurisertal Tourist Office, Hohe Tauern National Park Holiday Region

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