Imagine this: stepping out of your holiday home and gliding right onto the ski slopes, skipping completely the crowded chaos of the ski bus and the tangle of skis, poles, and cumbersome boots.

The Advantages of a Family Ski Vacation Right by the Piste

It's a well-established fact: traveling with kids often means hauling around what feels like an endless amount of gear. This is true for vacations in general, but it's especially noticeable when skiing. Helmets, gloves, backpacks, ski boots, poles, skis - and where exactly are those ski tips supposed to point when you're carrying them? 🙈 With a holiday home right on the slopes, it's simple: snap on your skis, adjust your goggles, and you're off to the lift in no time.


Time is money, as we all know. Especially during a ski vacation, no one wants to waste time with annoying bus rides and deciphering timetables. Popping back to the vacation apartment for lunch? No problem, it's practically on the way. Other huge advantages include the certainty and independence that a winter holiday on the slopes offers for families with children.

Ski Holidays Near the Slopes with Family: Our Guide to Making the Right Choice

Austria is brimming over with family-friendly ski areas. But how do you find the perfect one with such a vast selection? Needs can differ even within one family. Think about what criteria are crucial for you when planning your ski holiday near the slopes with children, and how you can meet as many wishes of your family members as possible:

Size of the ski area: Are three or four slopes enough for you, or is Dad looking to log as many kilometers as possible? Smaller, more manageable ski areas are often a good decision for families with children.  

Infrastructure: Check whether there are ski rentals and ski schools at your destination. Most family ski areas offer extras such as funslopes, race hills, and the like

Ticket Prices: Are there family discounts available, or does a child even ski for free? Can you save by purchasing tickets online in advance?

Accessibility: How far is the journey (just a heads-up: car rides with unhappy children can feel very, very long), is the ski area easy to reach, do you need to navigate toll or mountain roads? And remember those snow chains!

Kreischberg Chalets by ALPS RESORTS

Family-Friendly and Slope-Side: How to Find the Perfect Accommodations for You and Your Children

Just like choosing a ski area, there are several factors to consider when searching for accommodations: What amenities are important to you, and how large should the hotel room or holiday apartment be? Do you have enough space for your luggage and all your winter clothes, or will it be too cramped? Do your family members need their own space to retreat to now and then, or can they comfortably coexist 24/7 during the vacation? Are you looking for amenities like a wellness area, sauna, or pool?

What does the ideal meal plan look like for you: fixed mealtimes and a breakfast buffet (hotel!) or the independence and flexibility of pajama breakfasts (holiday home!)? Are you okay with taking the ski bus, or would you prefer accommodations right on the slopes? Lastly, a ski vacation with the whole family often comes down to cost. In many cases, a holiday apartment is more cost-effective than a hotel, especially if you are traveling with a larger group or your family. See for yourself: a single click will take you to our most current offers!

Top Family Ski Resorts in Austria and Accommodations Near the Slopes

Let us introduce you to popular family ski areas in Austria and family-friendly accommodations near the slopes:

Raurisertal, Salzburger Land: Families carve on 32 kilometers of superbly groomed slopes at the Rauriser Hochalmbahnen ski resort. And they do so with a clear environmental conscience: the Hochalmbahnen generate about three-quarters of energy needs for the lifts and snowmaking infrastructure renewably and autonomously by means of a power plant in the valley. Not only is it fair to the environment, but also to your wallet: by purchasing your "Really. Fair." ski tickets online, you can save a significant amount of money.

Accommodation Tip - Carpe Solem Rauris: This modern apartment hotel is located right at the base station of the Rauris lifts. Ski vacationers will appreciate the short distances and ski rentals available directly at the resort itself. Ski courses can be booked at the Adventure Ski School, likewise located conveniently there at the resort, as is the practice area for beginners. After a day on the funslope, in the NuggetPark, and on the broad pistes, relaxation becomes a top priority! Dive into the indoor pool or enjoy the view from the panoramic roof garden after your sauna session. Reading tip: Pizza, Fries, Ski Munchkins: Mitch Schweighofer from the Adventure Ski School shares insights on how a children's ski course runs and important pointers for those very first plough turns.           

Fun Slope Rauriser Hochalmbahnen (c) Rauriser Hochalmbahnen, Michael Gruber

Tiroler Zugspitz Arena, Tyrol: On the Tyrolean side of the Zugspitze, the magic number is 7: that's how many ski areas – with 143 kilometers of slopes and 57 lifts – await you in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena. These ski areas are appealing to families, beginners, and avid skiers alike. While the little ones perfect their snowplough turns in Kinderland, parents can tackle the red- and black-rated pistes. The Top Snow Card is valid for 2 days or longer, including use of the lifts in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Mittenwald, Grainau, and on the Zugspitze itself.

Accommodation Tip - Alpenchalets Biberwier: Vacationing right at the base station of the Marienbergbahn and next to the piste,  Alpenchalets Biberwier offers fully equipped, exclusive holiday homes. Besides their location, they impress with a private wellness area, including a sauna and outdoor bathtub. Similar to Carpe Solem Rauris, families at Alpenchalets Biberwier will also find AMIGO game sets for cozy afternoons of play.

Skiing Tiroler Zugspitz Arena (c) TZA C. Jorda

Kreischberg, Styria: Ski vacationers enjoy 42 kilometers of excellent slopes on the Kreischberg. These have received top marks for their safety features as well as for slope grooming. The offerings for kids have also received recognition: The popular adventure tracks known as KreischiSafari, Dinopark and KreischiGhost Train, along with the tubing hill, are sure to put a gleam in the youngsters’ eyes.

Accommodation Tip - Kreischberg Chalets: Located by the slopes and just a few meters from the base station of the Kreischberg 10-seater gondola, the Kreischberg Chalets offer fully equipped holiday homes, some with a private SPA area including sauna, whirlpool, or swim spa. The glass frontage provides an unobstructed view of the pistes and winter landscape.

Family friendly skiing area Kreischberg (c) TVB Murau, Tom Lamm

Activities Away from the Pistes: Fun for the Whole Family

Skiing is wonderful, but what if the kids lose their enthusiasm for snowplow turns at some point? Sledding, snowball fights, and winter hiking: we've compiled winter activities are sure to make your children forget about their tablets. Read here how your family vacation can become unforgettable, even without the No.1 winter sport!    


Equipment and Preparation

Having chosen the perfect slope-side accommodation with the help of our tips, are you now considering what to take with you on your ski holiday with your children? Check out our packing list for winter holidays, including all the essentials for every activity. If you've decided on a self-catering vacation, our packing list for holiday apartments will also be very useful.

For families traveling with more than one suitcase, the advantages of local ski rentals are clear. Enjoy skiing on the newest models every holiday, avoid the hassle of waxing your own skis, and use the free space in your car for other important purposes.  

FAQs: Common Questions About Skiing Holidays with Kids

Is a ski holiday on the slopes with kids more expensive?

Not necessarily. In our article, you'll find tips on finding kid-friendly accommodations and offers that fit your budget. Start exploring today and discover the perfect slope-side stay for you and your family!

Where can I book ski lessons for my kids during our winter holiday?

Many ski resorts and local ski schools offer ski lessons for children. Check with your accommodation provider or the local tourist office’s website to find out about available ski schools and how to book children's ski courses.

How do I plan a hassle-free ski holiday with children?

Our tips will help you organize your family ski vacation perfectly, from choosing the right accommodations to planning leisure activities. Keep the needs of all family members in mind when selecting a ski area and a place to stay. In case your child loses interest in skiing, having a Plan B is essential. Click on our article "The Perfect Family Winter Holiday Without Skiing" for additional inspiration.

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