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Group holidays are a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a sense of togetherness. Whether with friends, family, club members, or colleagues, our ALPS RESORTS in Austria offer top-notch comforts for group holidays of any size. Additionally, some accommodations boast private pools or saunas for ultra-relaxed gatherings. From the city of Kitzbühel to pine forests at 1700 meters above sea level, we offer lodgings to suit every taste.

Traveling Together: The Benefits of a Group Vacation

Travel unites people. Shared experiences linger in the collective memory and strengthen bonds. However, the larger the group, the more challenging it becomes to organize a time and place that fits everyone's schedule. In today's busy world, many are tied up with work or other personal commitments. But that said, the dynamics of a multi-day group vacation are sure to excite you all the more. Now, you finally have time for each other. Grow together – surpassing every expectation!

Another advantage: Group trips are far more affordable than individual travel. At ALPS RESORTS, prices are for the accommodation as a whole. The more people that stay, the cheaper it becomes per person. Whether your focus is on sports, nature, culture, wellness, or culinary experiences, you are guaranteed to find the ideal accommodations for your group holiday with us.

Tips: How to Plan and Organize Your Group Holiday

  • The Travel Date: A group holiday should be planned well in advance so everyone can take time off and there are plenty of vacancies still available. Also, consider whether a summer or winter holiday would be more suitable.
  • What is the "goal" of the group trip? Is it to strengthen group dynamics? Or to revive long-standing friendships?
  • How well do the group participants know each other? Who can share a bedroom?
  • What is the age structure of the participants? Are children or pets also coming along?
  • Are there common interests (e.g., in sports or music)?
  • How will you arrive? How mobile will you be on-location, for example, so as to visit area attractions?

Meeting the Challenges of a Group Holiday

Cooking together unites. Before your self-catering vacation in a holiday home, clarify any allergies or dietary preferences (e.g., vegan or vegetarian). Communal shopping and packing lists simplify planning and ensure that certain items, such as salt and pepper shakers, are not duplicated. Consider each traveler as an individual. For example: Does everyone have a head for heights so as to climb high mountains? Does everyone know how to ski? Can the group divide up according to their interests? What activities might be varied?

Give each other enough time and space. Individuals can take breaks or smaller groups can form on occasion. Time slots for some "Me-Time" should also be planned into the daily schedule. Communal rituals, such as breakfast on the terrace or a game night before bedtime, strengthen the sense of togetherness. Most important: Accommodations with ample space for everyone. Ideally, offering pleasant retreats (balcony, fireside couch, sufficient bathrooms) along with meeting points for group activities like a large kitchen, a pool, or a sauna.

Perfect Group Accommodations for All Tastes at ALPS RESORTS

Whether classic, natural, or modern – our accommodations vary in design but also have several features in common. These include fully equipped kitchens with dishwashers, ovens, ranges, and coffeemakers, providing many practical appliances for your shared cooking experiences. Furthermore, our accommodations are spaciously designed for group vacationers, including large living areas and bedrooms. Here, there is most definitely plenty of room for everyone.

A special highlight: our holiday homes with pool and sauna for relaxed wellness moments. They feature private pool, hot tub, outdoor bathtub, sauna, or infrared cabin. Warmth and water provide a perfect setting for relaxing get-togethers and/or stimulating conversations. Last but not least, at ALPS RESORTS you enjoy maximum flexibility thanks to a prime location in the heart of ski and hiking areas. You can start hiking, or strap on skis right outside your front door. Carpooling? Quite unnecessary!

Group Activities that Connect

  • Hiking, including theme walks and leisurely strolls, is ideal. Participants with less stamina can shorten the routes by hopping aboard a gondola lift. Skiing, including fun cross and fun slopes, promises just as much enjoyment as après-ski.
  • In August, how about cross-country skiing on glacier trails? Visiting Europe's highest waterfalls? Soaring over the mountains on a four-person hang glider? Experiences like these forge tight bonds within groups.
  • It's especially great fun when you, as a group, try out a completely new sport, e.g., ice climbing, paragliding, golfing, family rafting, or canyoning.
  • Lakes are excellent for group outings. Those who prefer peace & quiet can simply sunbathe or relax at the beach bar. In the meantime, everyone else can go rowing, swimming, or stand-up paddling.
  • Concerts, museums, or sporting events, such as ski jumping or road cycling competitions, provide plenty of material for passionate conversations later.
  • Visiting a dairy or distillery, and enjoying a high-spirited get-together at a mountain hut, brings teams together through shared culinary experiences.

Booking Information

At ALPS RESORTS, we offer holiday apartments and holiday homes for groups of up to 16 people. Erzberg Alpin Resort is even able to accommodate up to 27 people at the same time. For larger groups, you have the option to rent multiple neighboring holiday homes or holiday apartments. We request booking inquiries as early as possible so that we are able to meet all your accommodation needs. Whether seminars, family reunions, or guest card discounts—we are happy to assist with all your needs.

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