I'm packing my suitcase, but what should I bring with me...? Take a look at our ALPS RESORTS packing list for your stay in a holiday apartment in Austria or Bavaria - in that way, you'll be perfectly prepared!

Holiday Checklist: What do you need at your holiday home?

This year, have you decided to enjoy a holiday with lots of space and no time constraints, and now you are looking forward to relaxed days spent at a holiday home in Austria or Bavaria? We have put together a packing list for your timeout at a holiday apartment, which you are welcome to download in pdf and print out. It will make packing your suitcases for your holiday (virtually) child’s play. Allowing you to focus completely on relishing the anticipation. After all, let’s be honest: You have plenty of other things on your mind to keep you occupied.


What foods do I need to pack in my bags?

For many people (especially families), this is one of the major pluses of a stay in a holiday apartment or holiday home: No rigid mealtimes to determine when and where you have to eat. The kitchens in our ALPS RESORTS accommodations are fully equipped. Which means, your kids won’t have to live without their pasta in tomato sauce alla mamma, and you won’t have to forego munching on your favorite breakfast cereal in your pajamas. And if things happen to get a little noisy during the meal? – Not an issue since you will be completely to yourselves!

In our case, a fully equipped kitchen means: cooking utensils, cutlery and crockery in sufficient quantities. In most accommodations, you will find a range, toaster, oven and microwave, refrigerator and freezer. Furthermore, a dishwasher will look after the washing up afterwards. Before you pack your suitcases, check the category descriptions for your booked holiday resort on our resort pages!  

We recommend putting on your packing list for a stay in a holiday apartment: seasonings, vinegar and oil, coffee tabs or filter coffee, powdered coffee/hot chocolate, storage containers for leftovers or lunchboxes for your excursions, along with breakfast for your first morning in your holiday home. Find out in advance about opening hours at the nearest supermarket. You might wish to stop there as you are arriving. Does a great vacation day have to begin with freshly baked breakfast rolls in the morning? Most of our holiday resorts offer a breakfast-roll delivery service through a local bakery. Simply ask our colleagues at the reception for details!

A welcome package including a small bottle of dishwashing liquid, dishwasher tabs, trash sacks, sponges, washcloth and dish towel awaits you upon your arrival at your ALPS RESORTS accommodations. If you are going to be staying longer, please bring additional dishwasher tabs & detergents, sponges and dish towels, paper towels, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, baking parchment and trash sacks from home.

Books, games and slippers for you holiday comfort

In contrast to your average hotel room, you will have a lot of room in your apartment or chalet. To sit around the table together with the whole family and make plans for the next day of your holiday, or to play parlor games with friends in the living room. To flop on the sofa and open up a book for the first time in a long while, or simply to enjoy some welcome seclusion.
For your personal packing list for your holiday apartment in Austria, our suggestion is: Think about packing slippers and board games, your E-reader or tablet and the cables to recharge them. Wi-Fi is available free of charge at all ALPS RESORTS in Austria and Bavaria.


Are towels and bedding provided at your holiday home?

Your booking at our ALPS RESORTS automatically includes towels and bedding. In addition to the bedding, you will receive 2 large and 1 small towel per person. In other words, you can cross them off your packing list for your stay in a holiday apartment. If you require a bathrobe or additional towels, you might be able to borrow them for an additional charge at the reception (please ask!) or simply bring them with you from home. Personal hygiene items, shower gel and shampoo as well as a first-aid kit and travel meds plus WC paper should be included in your personal luggage.


Bathing slippers and bikinis: Wellness at your holiday home

Have you booked a chalet with whirlpool or sauna? At your apartment resort, is there a public wellness area or a swimming lake? In that case, don’t forget to pack your bikini, swimming trunks, flipflops and sunblock for your stay at a holiday apartment in Austria!  


Now it's getting serious - Tips for a quick check-in

With your luggage packed, important documents such as your passports and booking confirmation stowed away in your handbag, your destination programed into your online route planner and the telephone number of the reception desk stored on your mobile phone (and the kids sitting in the car 😉), then your holiday can begin. We have two more tips for you – so that you don't lose valuable time checking into your holiday apartment:

1. Make use of our Online Check-in, allowing you to enter the data about everyone traveling with you from the comfort of home. This will save you having to complete registration forms upon arrival and you will be able to move into your apartment even faster.

2. Will you be arriving outside of regular office hours or reception times? Let the reception know when you expect to arrive approximately. In that way, our colleagues will be able to prepare all required documentation for your late check-in and make arrangements for you to pick up the key.

Our packing list for your holiday apartment or holiday home is available here as a downloadable pdf. We wish you lots of fun as you pack your bags and relish the anticipation for your upcoming holiday at ALPS RESORTS in Austria or Bavaria! 


The ALPS RESORTS packing list for your holiday home in PDF

Packing list for your holiday apartment.pdf (50.3 KiB)

The packing list is intended purely as inspiration and makes no claim with respect to completeness. Photo materials: © istock, ALPS RESORTS

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