Snowshoeing in the Bavarian Forest – A Sporty Winter’s Dream

Snowshoeing is a winter sporting dream come true! Dive into enchanting forests that seem magical, slow down the pace of your life away from the bustling ski slopes, let the sight of vast snowscapes bewitch you, and become one with nature.

The Bavarian Forest, with its nature reserves, dense forests, and picture-postcard scenery, offers ideal conditions to enjoy snowshoeing at its finest. In the low-elevation mountains near the Englmar Chalets by ALPS RESORTS, you will find a wide range of trails with something certain to appeal to everyone.

The Beauty of the Bavarian Forest – A Paradise for Snowshoes

The Bavarian Forest is home to Germany's largest contiguous expanse of forest and one of the last virgin forests in Europe. Snowshoeing in this region is especially magical! Journey through dense forests, past ponds and crystal-clear lakes, bizarre rock formations, charming chapels, through a mysterious gorge, or up to a scenic vantage point, literally leaving the stresses of daily life far behind in your tracks.


Want to escape the hustle and bustle of the conventional ski slopes? In that case, you are certain to be captivated by snowshoeing in the Bavarian Forest. Here you'll find enchanted corners and mysterious places like high moors or enigmatic stone figures that aren’t as familiar to tourists. This is a haven for explorers and a space for athletes to thrive. Just remember to observe certain access restrictions in nature reserves to avoid disturbing wildlife.

Snowshoeing in the Mid-Elevation Mountains, Ideal for Beginners and Pros

The lowish mountains of the Bavarian Forest reach elevations of up to 1,456 meters, meaning that beginners, families, and “professionals” will all find trails ideally suited to their skill level. Moreover, the infrastructure of the Bavarian Forest meets the needs of snowshoers perfectly, offering everything from snowshoe rentals to guided tours, and more.

Advantages of Snowshoeing: What Nature Lovers and Individualists Adore!

Do you love hiking holidays and don't want to forgo your favorite sport in winter either? Snowshoeing is no less enjoyable than its summer variant. In fact, snowshoeing actually poses slightly higher demands on your physical condition. The reason: even with snowshoes, you will sink into the snow a bit, making walking a tad more challenging.

When planning tours, you can aim for the same distances you would in summer, just allow a bit more time. Snowshoeing is an excellent cardiovascular workout, burning about 450 kilocalories per hour. Moreover, snowshoeing in the Bavarian Forest is the perfect way to completely switch off and regenerate to the core. Escape the dust, pollution, and dry indoor air, and breathe in the cold, clear air instead. Unlike skiing, this sport is readily accessible to everyone; you don’t need lessons or extensive, expensive equipment. Snowshoes can also be rented on location.

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The Most Beautiful Snowshoeing Tours in the Bavarian Forest

Snowshoeing is possible in various regions of the Bavarian Forest. Whether flat or challenging trails, completely natural in dense powder snow or on maintained surfaces – here, you'll find your personal favorite tour! Here we present to you our top 5:

Tour 1: Snowshoeing from Kleiner Arbersee to Grosser Arbersee

This tour combines water and mountain experiences. The 6.2 km route involves roughly a 500-meter elevation gain, requiring a degree of fitness. The Grosser Arber, at 1,455 meters, is the highest peak in the Bavarian Forest – with snow conditions you can rely on. At the bottom, a legendary natural lake enchants, while the views higher up extend all the way to the peaks of the Allgäu. Alternatively, you can ride the gondola up and/or down. Conveniently, the trail is marked as a snowshoe tour in bright orange, ensuring you’ll never lose your bearings.

Tour 2: Tour to Lusen Mountain in the Bavarian Forest National Park

This medium-difficulty tour is also sporty. It takes about 4 hours to hike the well-marked paths with snowshoes. The elevation change is 500 vertical meters. Starting from the Waldhäuser parking area, the trail leads you to Lusen summit, known for its unique geological features, blocks of granite rock. This aptly nicknamed "sea of blocks" has been recognized as "Bavaria's Most Beautiful Geotope". Legend has it that the Devil stacked the rocks over a treasure of gold.

Tour 3: Panoramic Tour on the Voithenberg

Whether as a romantic couple, in a group, or with fellow beginners – during this snowshoe hike in the Bavarian Forest, you'll enjoy marvelous views and a leisurely stroll far removed the concerns of daily life. Notable sights include the Glass Cross, the mountain churches, and the "Lighthouse of Humanity." The trail runs along the mountain ridgeline and is manageable even for less experienced snowshoers. Plan on about 3 hours of actual walking time for this tour.

Tour 4: Hike to the Plöckenstein

The easiest and most family-friendly hike leads to Plöckenstein mountain. Located in the three-corners region of Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic, this 8 km long tour, lasting about 3 hours, can be undertaken as a snowshoe hike or winter hike.

Tour 5: Snowshoe Hike to Nagelsteiner Waterfalls near St. Englmar

This snowshoe hike offers deluxe picture-postcard motifs, with a few gentle ascents and descents, falling in the “easy” to “moderate” category. With a total distance of approximately 7.5 km, the trail winds through untouched natural landscapes to an extraordinary spectacle: the Nagelsteiner Waterfalls, whose cascades transform in winter into magical landscapes of ice and icicles. Located nearby are our Englmar Chalets with private saunas and hot tubs, perfect for regenerating after an active day outdoors.

Equipment for Snowshoeing in the Bavarian Forest

In addition to warm winter sports clothing and a few trekking poles with wide winter baskets, you primarily need snowshoes. These distribute your weight over a larger surface area, preventing you from sinking into the snow. If you want to purchase your own pair, you have the choice between aluminum and plastic models in various designs. Those aiming for more demanding snowshoe tours should also look for a foldable “climbing aid” at the heel and choose models with many teeth on the frame for better traction.

Important: Snowshoes are strapped under your actual winter shoes, so you will also need well-insulated, water-repellent hiking/mountain boots or winter boots as well. Learn more in our article: “Snowshoeing – Equipment Tips”.


Are guided snowshoe hikes offered?

Certainly, you can join a guided snowshoe hike almost anywhere in the Bavarian Forest. Discover hidden highlights and gain valuable insights and background information from experienced tour guides.

When is the best time for snowshoeing?

The higher you go, the more likely you are to find snow. The best chances for success are from December to February, but depending on weather conditions, snowshoeing may also be possible in March and even until early April.

Enjoy the Trendy Sport of Snowshoeing in Germany's Largest Expanse of Forest

Hiking is becoming increasingly popular, and snowshoeing is currently emerging as a popular new sport. No wonder: you can jump right in and enjoy it at your own pace. Moreover, the Bavarian Forest, with its dense woodlands, nature reserves, and mid-range elevations, offers the ideal setting to pursue this sport. Explore the scenic treasures of the region one step at a time, through a magical winter wonderland! Perfect for nature enthusiasts, individualists, and even “Sunday explorers.” Meanwhile, find perfect accommodations at our Englmar Chalets in St. Englmar in the Bavarian Forest.

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