Today, we take you with us. Out of your own four walls, out of your home office and out of the dull daily routine we all occasionally have to deal with nowadays. Today, we take you to a region that offers you all the space you could wish for. Space where you can relax, go outdoors, be excited again. And perhaps also a little humble – in the face of the astonishing natural beauty which presents itself to us here. So, in the mood to join us? Together, let’s take an excursion to the Hohe Tauern National Park Holiday Region in the Pinzgau district of Salzburger Land!

Hiking in Raurisertal in Salzburger Land

Keep your distance? No problem! Where does that work best? The many (often remote) peaks and broad alpine pastures of the Hohe Tauern immediately come to mind. Let’s begin with the “secret jewel of Hohe Tauern National Park”, in Raurisertal. The village of Rauris is actually the biggest National Park community in SalzburgerLand by area. And that despite only 3000 permanent residents. The valley is 30 km long, lying between the Grossglockner High Alpine Road and Gastein Valley, with its famous healing Hot Springs, roughly 30 km from Zell am See-Kaprun. Raurisertal draws lovers of the outdoors with 295 km of hiking paths and alpine trails, leading across lush high pastures all the way up to the summits of the Goldberg Group. Alongside babbling mountain streams, through reenergizing forests. Including the Rauris Virgin Forest. Located at the Rauris valley head, known as Kolm Saigurn, it is definitely one of the must-sees during your holiday at Alps Residence in the Hohe Tauern National Park Holiday Region.

Natural jewel Rauris Virgin Forest in the Hohe Tauern National Park Holiday Region

We park our car at the Lenzanger car park, sling our rucksacks over our shoulders and set out along the path. Treading over exposed roots and between mighty conifers, it leads us uphill for roughly 30 minutes, “warming us up” nicely. Accompanied by the twitter of birds and a rushing stream, that we can hear off to the right of us. Reaching an area of open alpine pastures, our eyes have an opportunity to roam. To our right, the Hoher Sonnblick, the most striking peak of the Goldberg Group. To our left, the Kolmkarspitz and Silberpfennig. These names go back to the gold-mining days – during its heyday, Raurisertal accounted for as much as 10% of gold production worldwide. Attentive visitors discover evidence of those times scattered throughout Raurisertal. At gold panning sites in Raurisertal, you can still try your hand as a treasure hunter – under expert supervision – and perhaps even pan a few slivers of gold out of the water.

We now cross the small stream ahead of us and decide this time (with a heavy heart) not to take a refreshment break at the Filzenalm or the Durchgangalm. And unfortunately, also not to indulge in the fresh farmhouse doughnuts with lingonberry jam, with which Sophie greets her guests at the Gainschniggalm. Today, we just keep on going – because this also marks the start of the theme path which runs through Rauris Virgin Forest. Ancient pine trees and dark moorland ponds, in which the surrounding peaks are reflected, giant anthills teeming with activity. And that gloriously fresh mountain air! Our motto today: Slow down the pace of life and take a deep breath. Time and again, we stop to enjoy the incredible tranquility. And peruse the info boards which reveal some of the secrets of this magical forest inside Hohe Tauern National Park. After some 30 minutes, we come to the end of the theme path, but are far from reaching the end of our unforgettable discovery tour of Kolm Saigurn.

The Abundant Waters of Hohe Tauern National Park

We continue through the trees, a broad forestry lane leading down to the Ammererhof and the Naturfreundehaus. Always in view: the Sonnblick and Hocharn. Imposing peaks and popular destinations for avid alpinists in search of new heights, both summer and winter. But we will keep that for another time. After enjoying welcome refreshment courtesy of Hermann at the Naturfreundehaus (immersing our legs in the Kneipp pond and sipping on a cold Radler), we continue to the Waterfall Path. We should mention one other thing: For kids, the playground at the Naturfreundehaus is a real highlight. Climbing, bouncing on the trampoline, water games, petting those cheeky goats – surrounded by the imposing mountain world of the Hohe Tauern National Park Holiday Region.

The Waterfall Path begins right after the Naturfreundehaus and takes about 90 minutes to complete. Almost 3 km long, it leads over a footbridge, past five waterfalls and to a forestry lane, which ultimately brings us back to the Lenzanger car park and our car.


Summer holidays at an apartment in Salzburger Land

So, how do you imagine a perfect conclusion to such a glorious day spent out in nature? We have an idea for you: Back in your apartment at Carpe Solem Rauris, quickly pull off your hiking boots and slip into a snug spa robe and slippers. From the indoor infinity pool, you will enjoy an extraordinary view of the Goldberg Group, while your tired legs relax and your kids splash about in the children’s pool right next to you. In the Panorama Sauna, you will be able to sweat as you gaze out at the nearby mountains, including the Grubereck. And in your apartment, which is fully equipped, you will get to enjoy your well-earned dinner. Or for a change of pace, perhaps today you would prefer to dine out at the restaurant of this charming apartment complex?

Carpe Solem Rauris: exclusive apartment complex with wellness area

More about Carpe Solem Rauris: This exclusive apartment resort opens on 1 July 2021 and is an ideal retreat in Raurisertal, Salzburger Land, where you will be able to top up your batteries completely. Essentially an “energy recharging station” in the heart of the Austrian mountains. The apartments are suitable for 2 to 10 people and offer – just like Raurisertal in the Hohe Tauern National Park Holiday Region – space in abundance. Far removed from the daily routine and close to nature. The price of your apartment includes: the National Park Sommercard with more than 60 all-inclusive highlights such as the Rauriser Hochalmbahn, lifts, with Carpe Solem Rauris lying right next to the valley station, along with the Kolm Saigurn toll road, public transportation, the Sonnblickbad in Rauris, the Kitzlochklamm, the Valley Taxi to Seidlwinkltal as well as the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. Which is essentially just around the corner, one valley over …    


Are you already longing for summer, for holidays in an apartment, freedom and lots of nature, or do you have questions about our new gem of a holiday destination inside Hohe Tauern National Park? In that case, feel free to contact us. We look forward to receiving your inquiry ! And during your stay at Carpe Solem Rauris, our on-site reception team will be happy to share their personal tips for exciting (or refreshing) excursions in Salzburger Land 😉


Photo materials (c) TVB Rauris (photographer Florian Bachmeier), Ferienregion Nationalpark Hohe Tauern (photographer David Innerhofer), Carpe Solem GmbH   

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