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Whenever the occasion presents itself (a friendly reminder: Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching!) and because a touch of romance never hurts, here are our romantic recommendations.

Can you barely wait for summer? The same goes for us here at ALPS RESORTS. I asked around to find out what my colleagues are looking forward to the most.

By mid-December at the latest, most of us are already completely overwhelmed by the hubbub of Christmas season. This “time of peace and charity” can become really quite stressful for many. Despite the fact that it is precisely now that we should be taking time to find peace & quiet, sip on a mug of hot punch and contemplate the events of the past year. Enjoying our eager anticipation for the big celebration and family time to come. A goal which tends to meet with great success, incidentally, in the mountains of Austria. For example, at our exclusive hideaway in Wipptal, Tyrol.

Alpine Summer in the mountains of Austria is gradually coming to an end. The cows will say a final “goodbye” to their idyllic summer homes on the high pastures and return to their warm barns in the valley. There, the locals celebrate Harvest Festival across the length and breadth of Salzburger Land, and busily bring in their crops. To rustle up mouthwatering apple, red currant and plum cakes, for example. And potatoes, for a favorite childhood dish of mine.