Alps Residence becomes ALPS RESORTS

With 30+ holiday resorts and more than 6000 guest beds, ALPS Residence is Austria’s market leader for vacations spent in a holiday home or apartment. In order to present its diverse portfolio appropriately and equip itself for future demands, as of 1 September this Tyrolean family business is changing its name to ALPS RESORTS.

ALPS Residence becomes ALPS RESORTS. As of 1 September, this Tyrolean family business will be changing its brand name and logo in order to adapt to future demands as well as better represent its diverse portfolio to customers.

In addition to opening 10 new holiday resorts, including Ferienresort Inzell, its first resort in Germany, the Austrian market leader will also venture into a whole new market segment, the booming “Glamping” sector. Ample reason, then, for this Tyrol-based tourism company, which marks its 10-year anniversary this year, to set its sights on the future and present itself under the new name ALPS RESORTS.


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