Reenergizing Hiking Holidays in Austria & Bavaria

Holiday Homes & Holiday Apartments in Hiking Areas

The mountains are calling! Our holiday homes, chalets and holiday apartments are predestined for successful hiking holidays in Austria and Bavaria. So, grab your rucksack and hiking boots, and embark on your nature adventure at ALPS RESORTS.

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The highlights of your hiking holiday in Austria & Bavaria

  • Fully equipped holiday homes, chalets and holiday apartments
  • In Tyrol, Salzburg, Carinthia, Styria and Bavaria
  • If preferred, bookable with pool, sauna, even your dog  
  • Top location, in some cases right inside the hiking area
  • For laid-back hikers, families and avid tourers
  • Thousands of kilometers of marked hiking paths
  • Total recreation and relaxation

Timeout for body, mind & soul

One saying very popular with hikers states, "Only those places you have visited on foot, have you truly visited at all”. We can only agree. Because hiking is about far more than merely walking on your own two feet. Hiking brings us a little closer to nature and helps us find our way back to personal inner balance. Following those ancient pathways, we treat ourselves to a precious timeout from our hectic, stressful daily routines. Step by step, we leave that routine behind us and enjoy the surrounding panorama. Though hiking doesn’t merely benefit mind and soul. Our body also profits from exercise in the fresh air. The immune and cardiovascular systems are strengthened, numerous muscles are trained and endurance improved. A multiday hiking holiday maximizes the recuperative effects even more.

Hiking Holidays in Austria & Bavaria in a Holiday Home or Holiday Apartment

Whether with your family, friends or as a couple – set out and explore the alpine countryside of Austria and Germany during your valuable timeout. Our fully equipped holiday homes, chalets and holiday apartments are the ideal homebase for your hiking holiday in the mountains. The Alpendorf Dachstein West was awarded the Austrian Hiking Seal of Quality in May 2022 and is thus a certified hiking establishment. In addition to space and comfort in abundance, our resorts are distinguished by one thing above all: their top location. Surrounded by forests, mountains and lakes, it has never been easier to let go of all those unwelcome distractions. Furthermore, many of our holiday homes, chalets and holiday apartments are located directly inside the hiking area itself – with hiking paths right outside your own front door far from being a rarity. If those aren’t perfect conditions for a successful hiking holiday in Austria or Bavaria?

Hiking Routes for Families & Tourers

Pristine landscapes, crystal-clear mountain lakes, majestic summits – no wonder Austria and Bavaria are considered such hiking paradises. These holiday destinations don’t only earn this reputation due to their natural beauty, however, but also because of their outstanding trail networks. Several thousand kilometers of marked hiking paths bring joy to the hearts of “Sunday” hikers, tourers and families with (small) children. The variety of different routes and levels of difficulty is considerable, ranging from leisurely walking tours to challenging expeditions trough high-alpine terrain.

Hiking Holidays: In what season? In Austria or Bavaria?

And best of all: A hiking holiday in our holiday homes, chalets and holiday apartments is possible all year round. In spring, when nature awakens to renewed life, in summertime, when the gentian bloom, and in autumn, with clear visibility that is simply magical, extending to the far horizon. Even the coldest season has its own advantages. A winter hike through snowy landscapes is especially idyllic. Which leaves only one question: Where should my trip take me? With a grand total of 30+ ALPS RESORTS in Tyrol, Salzburg, Styria, Carinthia and Bavaria, you are guaranteed to find the ideal holiday destination. Whilst the Kitzbühel Alps, Hohe Tauern National Park, Turracher Höhe et al. promise a reenergizing holiday in Austria, the Chiemgau and Bavarian Forest regions are likewise certain to set the pulses of active holidaymakers in the south of Germany racing in anticipation.  

Tip: Browse our holiday regions to learn more about each province or state as well as its cuisine and culture.  

Wellness during your hiking holiday in Austria & Bavaria

Back from your hiking tour, it will be time for pure relaxation and regeneration. Our holiday homes, chalets and holiday apartments with pool and sauna were created precisely for that. Select local partners, such as sporting goods stores and restaurants, complete the picture perfectly. At some of our holiday homes and holiday apartments, dogs are welcome, too. So, what else are you waiting for? Book your hiking holiday in the Austrian or Bavarian mountains now and look forward to unique, unforgettable nature experiences.