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Step by step, you leave behind the everyday world and immerse yourself in the snow-covered winter landscape. The gentle mountains of the Kitzbühel Alps offer diverse opportunities for enjoyable snowshoe hikes. Our tips for your active relaxation around Kitzbühel.

Imagine this: stepping out of your holiday home and gliding right onto the ski slopes, skipping completely the crowded chaos of the ski bus and the tangle of skis, poles, and cumbersome boots.

Snowshoeing is a winter sporting dream come true! Dive into enchanting forests that seem magical, slow down the pace of your life away from the bustling ski slopes, let the sight of vast snowscapes bewitch you, and become one with nature.

When the mountains call and snowy winter delights beckon, few can resist. And that’s absolutely the right time for a holiday! To avoid any unpleasant surprises and unwanted "improvisations" at your destination, it’s wise to create a packing list for your ski vacation beforehand.

Snowshoeing is a winter sport for nature-loving individualists, especially with the right gear! Enjoy the beauty of the winter wonderland away from bustling slopes and beaten paths. Proper footwear, the right clothing, and equipment are essential.

Does sledding bring back fond childhood memories for you? A winter holiday with children in Germany wouldn't be complete without sledding. It's a sport that unites generations, brings joy to the entire family, and even the littlest ones can join in. So, hop on a sled and zoom down the mountain. Full-speed ahead!

Experience the silent and mesmerizing side of winter whilst snowshoeing in Austria. Far from the hustle of children's play areas and ski lifts, you'll tread through the snow, savoring the tranquility and beauty of the solitary winter landscape. On your journey, breathe in the crisp winter air, spot animal tracks in the snow, and with each step, leave your daily routine behind. Don’t forget your camera – amidst so much pristine nature, countless photo opportunities await!

We've got the laid-back alternative to high-speed downhill skiing: snowshoeing in untouched snow! Curious about how to snowshoe, what gear you'll need, and what beginners should keep in mind? In that case, we've got you covered!

How about stepping away from the hustle and bustle to cozy up in a rustic alpine cabin? When you spend your winter vacation with your dog in a chalet, you'll discover the best the chilly season has to offer: wander through snow-covered landscapes with your loyal companion, warm up in front of a fireplace, and deepen the bond between you and your furry friend

Gone are the days of the nervous "Did we really remember to pack everything?" Thanks to our comprehensive packing list for your winter vacation, you'll now have your bags packed in no time, ready for a worry-free journey to the snowy mountain world.

We’re already back on the slopes: The Kitzsteinhorn ski season 2023/24 begins in October! Why autumn is the perfect time to pull your ski equipment out of the cellar and set out for the piste.

Not really into the whole winter sports scene, but still daydreaming about a snowy getaway with your kids? We've got the lowdown on how Austria and Bavaria have so much to offer even beyond the top-tier ski resorts. Get ready to discover what a laid-back winter family vacation without skiing is all about.

Let us assure you, the attractions of Zillertal, with its breathtaking natural spectacles, will linger in your memory for years to come. Glaciers, waterfalls, caves, alpine tarns, nature parks, and countless more highlights are just waiting to be discovered amid the mountains. Added to that: unique traditions, vivacious festivals, and culinary delights galore.

Sie planen einen Alpen-Urlaub im großen Stil? Dann werden Sie vom Zillertal begeistert sein. Mit 30 Kilometern ist es das längste Seitental Tirols. Majestätische Berglandschaften bieten das passende Ambiente für alle Arten von Outdoorsport in unmittelbarer Nähe zu unseren Zillertal Suites Fügen.

“Mountains make you happy”, they say. And they really do – all year long. They give us special moments. Such as a great bite to eat enjoyed on the terrace in front of a mountain hut in summer. Or in springtime, when the first crocuses stick their white and purple heads up out of the last fields of snow. When, in winter, you clamp on your skis and know the best is yet to come: slicing back down the mountain through virgin powder. Or even in autumn, when the visibility is jaw-dropping and you have the mountain practically to yourself. What other arguments are there for a hiking holiday in autumn? Here are just a few!   

​Bikepark Saalbach is a biker’s paradise: with 90 km of trails, 400 km of marked mountain bike paths, 9 gondolas, and a full-service infrastructure, including E-bike rentals, you'll feel like you've practically become one with your saddle. Beginners and pros alike can hone their skills at Bikepark Saalbach. Whether you're in the “Learn to Ride” park or on the Reiterkogel pumptrack, there’s a perfect place for every skill level. And after a day of physical activity, you will be able to unwind and rejuvenate marvelously at the Saalbach Suites with an exclusive wellness area.

Are you currently enjoying your vacation at ALPS RESORTS in Schladming and looking to explore the region more? Then we highly recommend a hike to Mirror Lake close to Schladming. Once you reach your destination, you'll be rewarded with the breathtaking sight of the Dachstein south face reflected upon the placid lake surface.

Kitzbühel may have earned its international reputation as a swanky winter sports region, but it truly shines in the summer. It presents itself as one of Austria's most versatile holiday destinations. Panoramic hiking trails, mountain bike paths, picturesque golf courses, tranquil moorland lakes, cultural and culinary delights, unique sporting events - summer in Kitzbühel meets the highest expectations.

Will you be spending your summer holidays at an ALPS RESORT in the Schladming-Dachstein Region? An outstanding decision - especially if you're staying here between end of May and 1 November!

To be honest, it was always hard for me to get excited about mathematics. But that’s precisely what I’m going to focus on in this article – just for you ;-) – the numbers! And I have to admit, arithmetic has never been this much fun. Bottom line: We’ll see just how much the included Nationalpark Sommercard will save you during your summer holiday with ALPS RESORTS. So, let’s do it!

What excursion destinations and summer lifts can you enjoy for free with the Saalbach Joker Card? Where can you get this guest card for your summer vacation and how much does it cost? We'll answer the most important questions about the Joker Card for your upcoming stay at the Saalbach Suites.

Whenever the occasion presents itself (a friendly reminder: Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching!) and because a touch of romance never hurts, here are our romantic recommendations.

I'm packing my suitcase, but what should I bring with me...? Take a look at our ALPS RESORTS packing list for your stay in a holiday apartment in Austria or Bavaria - in that way, you'll be perfectly prepared!

As of the beginning of December 2022, we will also be in one of the coolest holiday regions in all of Austria! The Saalbach Suites stand right next to the piste in Jausern (ski-out), barely 4 km from the village center of Saalbach. So, other than a wellness area and the included breakfast, what other highlights can you expect during your holiday at the Saalbach Suites in the Saalbach-Hinterglemm region?

Gabi from Ferienresort Inzell tells us which excursion destinations in and around Chiemsee and Königssee are especially rewarding in autumn.

So that no day of your holiday is ever rained out, we have compiled 7 weatherproof excursion tips in Salzburg for you.

Nothing against pumpkin-spice latte and sweet-potato burgers. But have you ever tried these specialties which will soon be in season again around our ALPS RESORTS?

“Forest bathing decelerates, replenishes energy reserves and brings renewed zest for life.” Sounds promising? We gave it a try!

As of May 2022, our Alpendorf Dachstein West will proudly display the Austrian Hiking Seal of Quality. We will show you what makes ALPS RESORT in Salzburger Land a certified hiking establishment and precisely what advantages await you there for your upcoming hiking holiday.

Can you barely wait for summer? The same goes for us here at ALPS RESORTS. I asked around to find out what my colleagues are looking forward to the most.

Do you want to make hiking appeal to your kids and share with them your passion for the mountains? We have collected a few tips for your next hike with your whole family.

Why our heart warms even at the very thought of our next sauna session  

A winter sport that has the potential to become the most popular of all snow sports. Counter to the somewhat dusty image it had in the past.  

Sledding is a winter sport for the whole family and is great fun. Big or small – you are never too old to go sledding. On the sledding hills located in the countryside near our ALPS RESORTS, which we present to you today, you will be able to hurtle down the mountainside until your runners are aglow and your cheeks are a rosy red.

Those New Year’s Resolutions aren’t as easy as they sound. No doubt you have given lots of thought to eating better, a new morning yoga routine or maybe a trip to the gym twice a week. But let’s be honest with ourselves. By mid-January at the latest, we can generally expect our (bad) conscience to be tapping on our shoulder reproachfully. So in this coming year, why not let’s press the “Stop” button on that old familiar routine for good.

It is time, once more, for that decisive question: What do you want for Christmas? A relatively easy question for children, yet we adults sometimes have to struggle to find an answer.


By mid-December at the latest, most of us are already completely overwhelmed by the hubbub of Christmas season. This “time of peace and charity” can become really quite stressful for many. Despite the fact that it is precisely now that we should be taking time to find peace & quiet, sip on a mug of hot punch and contemplate the events of the past year. Enjoying our eager anticipation for the big celebration and family time to come. A goal which tends to meet with great success, incidentally, in the mountains of Austria. For example, at our exclusive hideaway in Wipptal, Tyrol.

Before the peace & quiet of the Christmas season sets in for good, things briefly become quite noisy in the Alpine region: That’s when the Krampusses get up to their mischief, attempting to drive away evil with their loud bells and roars. The Perchten and other strange characters who roam the streets at this time of year have many different names – and faces. Even quite beautiful on occasion!

The bigger the better, or smaller and more intimate? Hunting for extended pistes and high speeds or comfy huts and homestyle cooking? Or are you yearning for glorious deep-snow hills? What type of ski holiday is “your thing”?

We are celebrating our birthday: ALPS turns 10 this year! Before we slice into our birthday cake, we would like to tell you what ALPS RESORTS is all about and what’s behind Austria’s leading operator of holiday apartment complexes and chalet resorts.

OK, raise your hand if you know what we’re talking about: Teaching a new sport to your child takes a whole lot of patience. On both sides. After one or two pitiful attempts at playing ski instructor, I quickly decided to turn to a ski school and place my son in the hands of a professional. The result: Since last winter, my four-year-old has become an avid skier, mom has been spared a lot of wear and tear on her nerves, dad is really proud and, together, we can frequently be seen “tearing up” Austria’s ski slopes. Are you also a big ski fan who can barely wait to pass on your love for the “white stuff” to your child?

Laptop, stabile WiFi, mobile phone. Maybe even a printer. And coffee! – Coffee, after all, makes work a whole lot more pleasant. What do you need in order to work effectively? Over the last couple of years, many of us have proven that the old-fashioned desk workplace can easily be exchanged for a home office. Is it also possible for you to work remotely? In that case, our ALPS Long-Stay Offers for apartments and holiday homes in Austria and Bavaria might very well interest you!

How on earth are those tent poles supposed to work? And where did we put the can opener? Hmmm. Yes, a camping holiday can be really marvelous. But only when the tent is standing, the inflatable sleeping mat is blown up, the sleeping bag has been rolled out and the camp stove has been lit. And you wake up in the morning without too much of a stiff neck. If you – like me – are a "#naturelover at heart", you enjoy the benefits of a holiday in nature, but simultaneously prefer not to forgo the luxury of accommodations that are already waiting for you (and in which you can also stand up straight), then today we have a great tip for you!

Alpine Summer in the mountains of Austria is gradually coming to an end. The cows will say a final “goodbye” to their idyllic summer homes on the high pastures and return to their warm barns in the valley. There, the locals celebrate Harvest Festival across the length and breadth of Salzburger Land, and busily bring in their crops. To rustle up mouthwatering apple, red currant and plum cakes, for example. And potatoes, for a favorite childhood dish of mine.

“Mountains make you happy”, they say. And they really do – all year long. They give us special moments. Such as a great bite to eat enjoyed on the terrace in front of a mountain hut in summer. Or in springtime, when the first crocuses stick their white and purple heads up out of the last fields of snow. When, in winter, you clamp on your skis and know the best is yet to come: slicing back down the mountain through virgin powder. Or even in autumn, when the visibility is jaw-dropping and you have the mountain practically to yourself. What other arguments are there for a hiking holiday in autumn? Here are just a few!   

The Brechhorn – elevation 2032 meters – is one of the most popular hiking destinations near Westendorf.” Why? That’s exactly what I wanted to find out last weekend for myself. So, I call my hiking buddy, pack my rucksack, grab my hiking shoes – and away I go to Westendorf. Excellent timing, actually, since, in this idyllic village located in Brixental, Tyrol, we are also currently building one of our newest apartment complexes, Chalet 149 Westendorf, with 14 exclusive holiday apartments and penthouse suites

If you are lucky enough to count a dog as one of your friends, you will not want to forgo his companionship during your holidays either. Quite understandable. The most precious days of the entire year should be spent with your nearest and dearest. And your fuzzy-nosed furry pal is definitely part of the family. Naturally, he should be made to feel just as welcome as his two-legged mommy and daddy. At select ALPS RESORTS, a special welcome treat will be waiting for your dog at check-in. This includes our dog-friendly Erzberg Alpin Resort in Hochsteiermark.

"Be cheeky, wild and wonderful!", Astrid Lindgren once advised us. Thanks to our ALPS RESORTS holiday homes, chalets and apartments, you have plenty of space to do just that. So much space in fact, that even grandma and grandpa can come with you on your Austrian holiday. Awaiting explorers, big and small, right outside their own front door: nature in abundance and countless memorable adventures. For the very best excursion and hiking tips for families, simply stop by the front desk and chat with our local receptionists who know the area like the backs of their own hands. At many of our family resorts, the regional Guest Card is automatically included in the price of your stay -  giving you the opportunity to visit exciting sightseeing attractions in your region either for free or at a discounted price! As is the case with our ALPS Residences in the Hohe Tauern National Park Holiday Region.

Ah, summertime ... how we yearn for you! But there is no harm in dreaming, right? Of our next hiking holiday in the mountains of Austria. The sun in our faces, a few kilometers in our legs, the next summit before our eyes. And a platter of hearty snacks right in front of our noses! What a delight indeed. Especially when all of this is happening as we explore Salzburger Land. For example, in the area close to the Bischofsmütze, not far from our Alpendorf Dachstein West in Annaberg with its ultra-comfortable holiday homes.

Great fun is guaranteed. And the first indication of that comes from grandma and grandpa as they bravely disappear into the first tube slide, the "Liesl", letting out a joyous yell as they launch themselves. And then it's our turn. We drive at least once a year to Neukirchen in order to pay a visit to the Slide Path in the Wildkogel Arena. A popular excursion destination for families and a genuine highlight of any summer holiday spent in the Hohe Tauern National Park Holiday Region in the midst of the Austrian mountains – not only for children.

How good it does you! The March sun puts color in your face and your spirits climb right along with the temperatures. Have you already discovered the first daisies in your garden? Now more than ever, we are drawn by the outside world. I don’t know how it is for you – but our thoughts are already revolving around our next summer vacation in Austria. A little bit of nature, a little bit of culture and a little bit of adventure are “just what the doctor ordered” this year. In other words, as diverse as a holiday in Styria.

What comes to mind first when you think of the Schladming-Dachstein Region in Austria? Maybe the legendary “THE Nightrace”, which has taken place annually since the 1990s and draws thousands of spectators (also because of the spectacular side-program, admittedly) to Styria? Or the famous Schladming ski openings to kick off winter season? Today, we will reveal to you some of the reasons that make the Styrian holiday region which surrounds our Alpenchalets Reiteralm, Alpenrock Schladming and premium Bergresort Hauser Kaibling such a big hit in summer

Today, we take you with us. Out of your own four walls, out of your home office and out of the dull daily routine we all occasionally have to deal with nowadays. Today, we take you to a region that offers you all the space you could wish for. Space where you can relax, go outdoors, be excited again. And perhaps also a little humble – in the face of the astonishing natural beauty which presents itself to us here. So, in the mood to join us? Together, let’s take an excursion to the Hohe Tauern National Park Holiday Region in the Pinzgau district of Salzburger Land!

After a good snowfall, there’ll be no holding you back – you will simply have to head out of your cozy home-away-from-home. Into the wintertime fun that awaits you. In our case, here in Styria, that means walking the few steps from your apartment to the valley lift station of WM Berg Kreischberg and floating up the mountain on the gondola. Or all bundled up, setting out on an extended winter walk. Or, simply stay right in front of your chalet engaged in a high-spirited snowball fight …

Anyone who knows us, knows: At ALPS RESORTS, there’s always something happening. At regular intervals over the last few years, we have added the new “ALPS RESORTS” in Carinthia, Salzburger Land and Styria. For the first time, since 2020 we are also represented in Tyrol and with a lakeside holiday resort – on Ossiacher See in Carinthia. Naturally, we want to present our holiday resorts, currently 19 and number, to you online as well. To make you even more eager for your upcoming vacation in Austria. That’s why we have...