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Glamping holidays in Carinthia

Chalets & Glamping Nassfeld

How about a relaxing break in a tree house, chalet or luxury tent? Then the new resort "Chalets & Glamping Nassfeld" is just the thing for you! Since May 2022 you can unwind in Gailtal, Carinthia. And the name says it all: Glamping stands for "Glamorous Camping" - in other words, you don't have to miss out on that little bit of luxury on your holiday. As well as lots of nature and comfort, a glamping holiday in Carinthia also includes daily access to the nearby Aquarena Kötschach, a water and wellness oasis for the whole family. The family-friendly skiing area Vorhegg also borders the resort. Dogs are welcome on request.

Kötschach-Mauthen in Gailtal, Carinthia
tree houses, chalets, luxury tents
22,5 - 60 m²
for up to 6 people
playground on site
next to the ski slope
Aquarena Kötschach nearby
free parking spaces
charging station for electric vehicles available
free wifi
dogs allowed on request, doggybag included

Please note:
The Aquarena Kötschach-Mauthen is closed due to maintenance work from 02.04. - 29.05.2024. From 30.05.2024 guests can use the free stay of the Aquarena.

Our tip for your holiday in a luxury tent

To fully enjoy your time-out in one of the luxury tents, here’s a little tip for you: The nights in the mountains of Carinthia can be quite chilly in spring and autumn. Although we provide bed linen in your accommodation, it will be more cosy (and camping like) if you bring a sleeping bag from home.

Tree houses, chalets & luxury tents in Carinthia

There are 6 different categories to choose from for your glamping holiday in Carinthia:

  • Premium Tree House with 1 bedroom: 22,5 m² for up to 3 people (2 adults, 1 child)
  • Chalet with 2 bedrooms: 43 m², for up to 6 people
  • Premium Chalet with 2 bedrooms: 51 m², for up to 4 people, dogs welcome
  • Chalet with 3 bedrooms: 60 m², for up to 6 people
  • Luxury tent Safari for 4 persons: 31 m² (summer season only)
  • Luxury tent Safari for 6 persons: 38 m² (summer season only), dogs welcome

Further highlights during your holiday in Gailtal, Carinthia  

There is more to the resort "Chalets & Glamping Nassfeld" than just the modern accommodation. Also, the resort's barbecue areas and meeting zones make relaxation and enjoyment easy to achieve. While the grown-ups get comfortable here, the little ones can frolic, slide and swing around at the nature playgrounds. The hammocks and yoga decks are also a real highlight, ensuring maximum well-being on your glamping holiday in Carinthia.

Free entrance to the Aquarena Kötschach-Mauthen

Only a few steps away from the Glamping Village Kötschach, the Aquarena Kötschach-Mauthen provides extensive bathing fun during your time-out in the Carinthian Gailtal. The entrance is free for our guests. The water and wellness oasis has an indoor and outdoor pool as well as its own children's area. Adults will especially enjoy the sauna area (not included). Please note the opening dates of the Aquarena Kötschach: 26.10.2023 - 02.04.2024, 30.05.2024 - 08.09.2024

Glamping holidays in Carinthia: Activities & Surroundings

The holiday region Nassfeld-Pressegger See has numerous activities to offer: Hike a bit along the Carnic High Trail, conquer a via ferrata or visit a gorge. Take the mountain railway up to Nassfeld, where adventure playgrounds, a summer toboggan run and other experiences await you. A glamping trip to Carinthia's Gailtal valley guarantees skiing fun as well. The resort is not only located directly at the valley station of the Vorhegg family ski area (currently closed), but also only 20 minutes by car from the Nassfeld ski area. In addition, the ski bus stops directly at the resort and takes you to the Millenium Express station in 40 minutes.

Relaxing glamping holiday in an idyllic location

The resort "Chalets & Glamping Nassfeld" is located directly at the edge of the forest in a dreamlike hillside location in the holiday region Nassfeld-Pressegger See, more precisely in the market town of Kötschach-Mauthen. Nestled between the Gailtal Alps and the Carnic Alps, you can enjoy a very special glamping holiday here in the Carinthian Gailtal. Only 14 km away: the Plöcken Pass, which takes you to Italy.

Glamping holidays in the first Slow Food Travel Region

Indulgence is a top priority during your time-out in the Gailtal valley. After all, a glamping holiday in Carinthia also means a holiday in the first Slow Food Travel Region in the world. Whether bread, cheese or ice cream - here you have the opportunity to look over the shoulders of regional food producers and lend a hand yourself. Kötschach-Mauthen is also known beyond the country's borders for its cheese festival.

About the resort location

  • Nearest train station: Hermagor (32 km), Oberdrauburg (15 km).
  • Nearest supermarket: Spar (1 km), Billa (1 km)
  • Nearest airport: Klagenfurt (118 km)
  • Ski slope: Vorhegg (directly at the resort), Nassfeld (25 km)
  • Golf course: Nassfeld Golf (20 km)

Chalets & Glamping Nassfeld
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Chalet with 2 bedrooms
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Premium Tree House with 1 bedroom

Chalets & Glamping Nassfeld
- Holiday Region

Region - Nassfeld

Winter Holidays in Nassfeld

Skiing in the Nassfeld Region

With over 100 kilometers of pistes, Nassfeld stands out as one of Austria's biggest skiing destinations, offering runs for skiers and snowboarders of all ability levels. The diverse selection of blue-, red-, and black-rated hills ensures that there truly is something for everyone. Thanks to 30 ski lifts and gondolas, getting to the top of the next run is quick and easy, maximizing your time on the slopes. For sustenance, you have 24 ski huts and restaurants to choose from, serving everything from regional favorites to Mediterranean specialties, perfect for refueling after a day on the mountain. Après-ski is, of course, an “essential” part of the whole experience!

Cross-Country Skiing in Nassfeld

Away from those pistes, the Nassfeld-Pressegger See region has no shortage of other experiences to offer either! Cross-country skiers will find well-maintained trails that meander through the winter countryside. With 130 km of groomed trails, including 2 alpine routes, winter sports enthusiasts have ample ways to explore off the beaten track, across the Nassfeld-Pressegger See holiday region, including Gailtal and Gitschtal. The varied elevations from 600 to 1500 meters above sea level provide a unique and welcome contrast to alpine skiing, with classic as well as “skating” cross-country techniques both possible.

Sledding in Nassfeld

Make sure your feet are well clear of the ground and get ready for the thrills of sledding in Nassfeld! Dedicated sledding hills offer fast-paced excitement and fun as you navigate the curves. Six sledding opportunities await winter enthusiasts in the Nassfeld-Pressegger See region, set against the stunning backdrop of the Gailtal and Carnic Alps, all the while breathing in the fresh, crisp air. Adjust your hat and zoom all the way down to the valley on your sled!  

Winter Hiking in Nassfeld

If you are someone who prefers the quieter side of winter, embarking on winter walks through snow-covered forests and landscapes is definitely the way to go. Trudge across the region with snowshoes on your feet, discovering the mountaintops using this unique mode of travel. The hiking trails and routes are also excellent for ski touring enthusiasts. You'll first climb the mountainside on skis, then glide effortlessly back to the valley below. Looking for a more leisurely activity during your vacation? Consider a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the region. As you can see, Nassfeld is an extremely attractive destination, offering an array of recreational and leisure activities.

Summer Getaways in Nassfeld, Carinthia

Hiking Holidays in Nassfeld

Nassfeld is a popular vacation region in Austria, well known for its diverse summer activities. Boasting an impressive mountainous landscape, Nassfeld is perfect for hiking, featuring numerous trails that cater to all levels of difficulty. Whether you're up for a leisurely family hike or a scenic stroll, or you're more inclined towards challenging mountain hikes and long-distance treks, Nassfeld has it all. Additionally, you may also be interested in guided tours led by professional guides, with countless opportunities to stop in at friendly huts and hill farms along the way.

Cycling in the Nassfeld Region

Nassfeld is an ideal spot for exploring on two wheels. It's a haven for mountain bikers, too, with a variety of trails winding through forests and alpine meadows. Bike World promises mountain bikers a boundless sense of freedom and gorgeous scenery to boot. With a total of 950 km and 46 marked MTB routes, boredom will certainly never be a factor. The area offers everything from leisurely cycling tours along family-friendly paths to guided MTB expeditions and exhilarating downhill trails. The trails through the Carnic, Gailtal, and Julian Alps are sure to get the pulses of avid cyclists into high gear, while the Carinthian lakes provide welcome refreshment on any tour.

Swimming Lakes in Nassfeld

After a day of hiking or a long bike tour, why not cool off in either Weissensee or Pressegger See lake? Weissensee entertains its guests with a variety of activities including cliff diving, “regular” diving, water skiing, sailing, or simply relaxation and swimming. Pressegger See is a picturesque swimming lake that becomes a hub for swimming, sunbathing, and various water sports in summer. With water temperatures reaching as high as 28 degrees Celsius, it's definitely the perfect spot for a swim. The area around the lake is also home to numerous playgrounds, a grass maze, and the 1st Carinthian Adventure Park, providing plenty of entertainment for grown-ups and kids alike. If you happen to be looking for adventurous activities away from the lakes, the region offers opportunities for climbing, canyoning, and rafting in the nearby mountains and rivers.

Our excursion tips

The First Carinthian Adventure Park

If you are spending your summer vacation in the Nassfeld region, we highly recommend a very special day trip: to the first Carinthian Adventure Park right on the shore of Pressegger See. Here, kids of all ages find a true play paradise. Whether a ride on the Luna Loop or a jump with the Nautic Jet – boredom is never a factor. And for those who prefer something a little bit calmer, we suggest the Sky Dive, a play backhoe, and Shaky Wheels next to the lake. Mom and dad, in the meantime, can relax in the lakeside tavern or watch their youngsters in the bouncy castle. Pressegger See is one of Carinthia's warmest lake resorts, making it ideal for swimming or simply splashing around.

Gailtal Bike Path

The Gailtal Bike Path extends for over 96.6 km with a total riding time of 6 hours. The tour starts in Kötschach-Mauthen, continues through Hermagor and past Pressegger See to Vorderberg and Nötsch, ending in Villach. The Gailtal Bike Path offers you a variety-filled route with a total elevation change of 486 m, mostly downhill, also making it suitable for younger children. No wonder, then, that this bike path is especially popular with families. Alongside the picturesque Gail river, the route winds past small villages and old farmhouses, constantly flanked by the impressive mountains of the Carnic and Gailtal Alps.

Climbing in the Nassfeld Region

The climbing hotspot Nassfeld, surrounded by the imposing Trog and Rosskofel mountains, stretches along the border to Italy and appeals to "rock jocks" with a variety of climbing routes and a full range of difficulty. The "Plattner Fels" practice climbing area is particularly popular, exciting for young and old. Carinthia's best practice climbs are located on the Plöcken Pass, offering routes with heights between 8 and 40 meters. For bouldering fans, the village of Obergail in the Lesachtal valley is a perfect base. The bouldering area is between 1,480 and 1,600 m in elevation, offering great potential to develop new climbing lines and making the region an appealing destination for your climbing adventures.

Snow Paradise Nassfeld

For families big and small, the Nassfeld region is the ideal winter holiday destination. Here, you will discover family-friendly ski slopes, spacious practice areas, and ski courses for beginners of all ages. The youngest kids, in particular, have a fantastic opportunity to feel what it’s like to slither down a snowy hillside for the very first time. Nassfeld is home to 3 professional ski schools, 4 separate practice areas, practice lifts, and magic carpets. Adult beginners or those returning to the sport after a hiatus can also benefit from the expertise of the local ski instructors. But Nassfeld isn't just about great ski schools; it also boasts 110 kilometers of pistes along with 30 gondolas and ski lifts. And whenever you are in the mood, 24 huts and restaurants in total invite you to stop by for a well-earned refreshment break.

Sledding in Nassfeld

Sledding is fun for the whole family. In the Nassfeld region, you will find ideal sledding hills, some even lit up after dark. And of course, there are also plenty of refreshment opportunities for sledding guests wanting to "refuel" and "recharge" their batteries. For a fee, sleds are available to rent. The Berggeist sledding hill in Weissbriach also offers a shuttle service for a relaxed ride back to the top.

Tipp 6: Ice Skating on Pressegger See

Whether a game of ice hockey, "ice stock", or just a few laps of ice skating – Pressegger See, spanning 55 hectares, has plenty of space. When the adjacent landscapes are reflected upon the frozen lake, the beautiful natural ice surface is a truly unique natural spectacle. With a good sense of balance, warm gloves, and a pair of skates, you're all set to go. Those without their own skates can rent some at Strandbar Hermagor. Not eager to venture out onto the ice? No problem! The so-called "Slow Trail" is a pleasant walking loop indeed.

Chalets & Glamping Nassfeld
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