Kreischberg Chalets
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Holiday homes with whirlpool at Kreischberg in Murau, next to the ski slope

Kreischberg Chalets

With our Kreischberg Chalets right at the foot of Kreischberg mountain you found your ideal holiday home in Murtal Valley in Styria - perfect as a starting point for hiking tours in summer or your skiing days in winter.

St. Georgen/Kreischberg, Styria (only 7 km from Murau)
holiday homes, apartments
70 - 150 m²
up to 14 people
partly with private sauna, whirlpool (indoor and/or outdoor), swim spa
right next to the ski slope
Murau-Murtal GästeCard is included
10% discount at INTERSPORT
free parking spaces
free wifi
dogs only allowed on request, doggybag included

Modern wooden chalets with private wellness area

The luxurious chalets sweeten your holidays with innovative and open glass fronts, a whirlpool, sauna, outdoor jacuzzi or swim spa. The chalets (70 - 150 sqm) with up to 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a fully equipped kitchen are big enough for 4 to 14 persons. Supermarkets and bakeries are to be found in the nearby surroundings.

Chalets & holiday homes right on the slopes

Located directly at the foot of Kreischberg mountain your Kreischberg Chalets make it easy to start your hikes and excursions through Murtal Valley or on the slopes. Perfectly groomed slopes and 14 lifts are waiting for you directly in front of your door.

At Murau, approx. 8 kilometres from Kreischberg Chalets, you find a broad range of sights and traditional customs. Summer and winter you can choose from a varied program at the "wood capital".

INTERSPORT cooperation

As our guest you benefit from an exclusive online discount on the entire sports equipment rental at INTERSPORT. Simply book sports equipment here and save 10%. You will also enjoy numerous other benefits, such as free cancellation or additional discounts for families and children.

Murau-Murtal guest card

Kreischberg Chalets in Styria are your ideal "base camp" for expeditions in our Murtal Valley holiday region. With the included guest card you benefit from attractive reductions at approx. 100 sights and attraction in Murtal Valley. Summer cable cars, outdoor pools, thermal spas and many more attractions are part of the guest card.

Kreischberg Chalets
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B wohnen urlaub appartement kreischberg
C appartement kreischberg wohnen
D schlafzimmer
F infrarotkabine chalet kreischberg
Apartment Kreischbergblick with IR sauna
B wohnen urlaub appartement kreischberg
C appartement kreischberg wohnen
D schlafzimmer
F infrarotkabine chalet kreischberg
Apartment Kreischbergblick de Luxe with outdoor whirlpool and IR sauna
B wohnen essen couch
C chalet kamin
C kueche vollausgestattet
E kleines bad
G terrasse
I chalet aussen 2
Chalet Eco 70 with IR sauna
B kbc c haus45a fta 1122 03
C kbc c haus45a fta 1122 01
C kbc c haus45a fta 1122 02
C kueche offen chaleturlaub
C kueche offen
C wohnen detail
D kbc c haus45a fta 1122 04
D kbc c haus45a fta 1122 05
D kbc c haus45a fta 1122 06
D kleines zimmer
E bad mit sauna chaleturlaub
F aussen jacuzzi
F kbc c haus45a fta 1122 07
H kamin detail
Chalet 70 de Luxe with whirlpool and sauna or IR sauna
B wohnen offen chalets kreischberg
C kueche chalet kreischberg
C wohnbereich
D schlafzimmer
E badezimmer 2
E badezimmer badewanne
I chalet aussen
Chalet Classic
B kamin kachelofen
B kamin offener wohnbereich
B wohnen essen
C kueche
D schlafzimmer stockbett
E badezimmer
I chalet wellness sommer
Chalet Wellness with IR sauna
B kbc c haus24a fta 1122 02
B kbc c haus24a fta 1122 03
B kbc c haus24b fta 1122 03
B kbc c haus24b fta 1122 04
B kbc c haus24b fta 1122 05
B kbc c haus59 fta 1122 01
B kbc c haus59 fta 1122 04
B wohnen essen grosszuegig modern
C kbc c haus24a fta 1122 01
C kbc c haus24b fta 1122 01
C kbc c haus24b fta 1122 02
C kbc c haus54a fta 1122 01
C kbc c haus54a fta 1122 02
C kbc c haus54a fta 1122 05
C kbc c haus59 fta 1122 02
C kbc c haus59 fta 1122 03
C kbc c haus59 fta 1122 05
C kueche 2
C kueche offen kreischberg chalets
D kbc c haus24a fta 1122 06
D kbc c haus24a fta 1122 08
D kbc c haus54a fta 1122 06
D kbc c haus59 fta 1122 08
D schlafzimmer 2
D schlafzimmer
E kbc c haus24a fta 1122 09
E kbc c haus24a fta 1122 10
E kbc c haus24b fta 1122 11
E kbc c haus54a fta 1122 07
E kbc c haus54a fta 1122 13
E kbc c haus59 fta 1122 06
E kbc c haus59 fta 1122 11
F dampfdusche sauna
F kbc c haus24b fta 1122 06
F kbc c haus54a fta 1122 08
F sauna
I chalet superior aussen
Chalet Wellness Superior with whirlpool and sauna or IR sauna
B kleine kueche wohnzimmer
B kueche wohnzimmer
C essen esstisch
D schlafzimmer
E badezimmer modern
E sauna
I chalet aussenansicht sommer
Chalet Wellness Superior with Swim Spa and sauna
B wohnen essen 1
B wohnen essen
C kamin feuer kueche
D schlafzimmer
E bad detail
F sauna ansicht
G aussen kreischberg chalets
Chalet Sonneck "4 bedrooms" with whirlpool and sauna or IR sauna
B wohnen essen 1
B wohnen essen
C kamin feuer kueche
D schlafzimmer
E bad detail
F sauna ansicht
G aussen kreischberg chalets
Chalet Sonneck "5 bedrooms" with whirlpool and sauna or IR sauna
B wohnbereich gross kamin
B wohnen aussicht
B wohnen obergeschoss
D einzelbetten
D kinderzimmer
E bad whirlwanne
F bad sauna urlaub chalet kreischberg
F sauna chalet kreischberg
H kaminfeuer
I aussen terrasse
Chalet Panorama with sauna or IR sauna
140 - 150
B aussicht chalet
B kueche offen wohnbereich
C ansicht kueche
D doppelzimmer
E bad hell
E badezimmer infrarotsauna
I aussen jacuzzi winterlich
Chalet Panorama Superior with whirlpool and sauna or IR sauna
140 - 150

Kreischberg Chalets
- Holiday Region

Region - Murau-Kreischberg

Winter holidays at the foot of the Kreischberg

In winter, the snow-covered peaks and forests of the Murau-Kreischberg holiday region are guaranteed not to leave you cold. Whether you prefer to explore the area on alpine or cross-country skis, or on a snowboard, a holiday in Styria has something perfect in store for each and every winter sports fan. The snowy countryside will also motivate you to take extended walks through idyllic nature, looking, marveling and pausing to reflect along the way. On the “Kreischberg Lake Tour” around the Kreischberg and on the “Pine Path”, cleared pathways allow you to discover the white countryside with your whole family. During the run-up to Christmas, why not combine a leisurely walk with a visit to one of the numerous festive Advent markets in the Murau-Kreischberg region.

Skiing and snowboarding on the Kreischberg

The great location of our resort close to the valley station makes us a great base camp for all your sporting expeditions. On the roughly 40 km of pistes awaiting our guests in the Kreischberg ski area, beginners as well as full-blooded “professionals” find perfect piste conditions. There is very good reason why the Kreischberg has become the “second home” of Olympic and World Cup Champion Anna Gasser! Freestylers, too, can pull out their full bag of tricks at the snowpark. The speed hill, the permanent race hill and a tubing hill add the proverbial icing to the cake. Since December 2021, a modern 10-seater gondola lift has been transporting up to 4,000 people per hour up the mountain.

Sporting activities away from the piste

Hike with snowshoes through the pristine countryside away from the well-trodden paths, where you will be the first to leave tracks in the freshly fallen snow. The tour around the Grebenzenschutzhaus is an easy introduction to snowshoeing for beginners, while the trail via the Troghütte to the summit of the Frauenalpe at 1997 m is definitely more suitable for experienced snowshoers.

A day at the ice rink or sledding is a welcome change of pace, not just for the kids. Depending on the weather conditions, you have several opportunities for ice-skating, for example at the swimming lakes in Murau and Stadl an der Mur, as well as by the Stolzalpe behind the church. One special highlight is Ice Park Greimarena in St. Peter am Kammersberg, not far from Murau, with skate rentals, floodlighting, music and refreshments

Under the bright light of a full moon, in Lachtal you can enjoy a sled run that’s roughly 2 km long. The floodlit natural toboggan run begins at the Hirzmann Alm and is easy to reach on foot as well. Approximately 25 km from Murau – the county seat – is the Styrian village of Neumarkt, where you can actually choose from 4 nicely maintained sled runs. Inside the Tonnerhütte family ski area, to be precise, you will even be able to ride a tow lift with your sled back to the top of the hill.

Cross-country skiing in our snowy region gives you a perfect opportunity to escape the outside world completely, marvel at the surrounding landscapes and relish every single moment. Hobby XCers as well as “pros” find perfect conditions. The Murau-Kreischberg region boasts around 40 km of double-tracked trails along the banks of the River Mur, at the foot of mountains and through picturesque Styrian villages. Snowmaking machines along the Weirerteichloipe guarantee snow conditions that are 100% reliable, also under the lights. On this roughly 2 km long trail, a shooting range also allows you to hone your biathlon skills.

During your holiday at our resort, you should definitely take full advantage of the Murau-Murtal GuestCARD, which is even valid on the very first day of your stay. The card entitles you to numerous discounts, including as much as 30% off at various attractions including spa resorts, museums and swimming areas. Go ahead and buy your Murau-Murtal GuestCARD online in advance, or simply ask one of our employees for assistance. They will also be happy to share a few of their own personal insider tips for exciting excursion destinations during your visit to the Murau-Kreischberg region.

Summer holidays in the Murau-Kreischberg region

Between the Niedere Tauern and Nockberge, the Murau-Kreischberg region enriches Styria with breathtaking mountain scenery, lush meadows, green forests and numerous attractions that you will be able to experience personally during your holiday in Styria. The wealth of choices appears virtually limitless, though the excellent location of the chalets and holiday apartments by ALPS RESORTS definitely gives you the ideal opportunity to discover as many of them as possible.

Hiking holidays in Murtal, Styria

Slow down the pace of your hectic life and sense the soothing benefits of nature experienced along countless hiking paths leading through the Murau-Kreischberg region. Truly a paradise for nature lovers and alpinists. A hike to the top of the Frauenalpe, including a brief refreshment stop at the Murauerhütte or Alpengasthof Krische, is easily completed in roughly 1 ½ hours, even with the kids.

Close to our resort is the Kreischberg, the summit of which can be reached by lift, meaning you can also bring a pram along as needed. Highlights for the kids include the Dinosaur Forest as well as the DiscGolf Park with practice “holes”. If ever you have your fill of the mountain air, various walking paths and theme trails in the valley promise an exciting as well as educational change of pace for big and small alike.

Cycling and Mountain Biking Tours

The bike paths in the Murau-Kreischberg region are uniformly and clearly signposted. You will be able to choose between easy, family-friendly paths and challenging bike tours as much as 250 km in length and with significant elevation changes. Either take your own bike or rent out a regular bicycle or e-bike locally.

During your tours, you will find it rewarding to enjoy a break from time to time, discovering sightseeing attractions in the area or perhaps even taking a refreshing dip in the Auerlingsee, which awaits you along the route from Murau to St. Lambrecht. The Murau Bike Path leads you to Judenburg, site of the world’s highest planetarium and one of the 10 most modern planetariums in the world. For experienced bikers in search of added physical challenges, the Karchaurunde – with a mountain stage that should not be underestimated – rewards you with beautiful views out across Murau.

Bathing enjoyment and rafting adventures

Beyond a doubt, the best way to cool down after a strenuous bike tour is by jumping into the fresh water of any number of outdoor pools and swimming lakes in the Murau-Kreischberg region. The natural swimming lake in Murau, with its broad sunbathing areas, is an absolute oasis of peace and relaxation, also treating guests to a beach volleyball court and even a diving platform. Barely two kilometers from the alpine village of Stadl an der Mur, the local swimming lake promises welcome refreshment. The flat shoreline and shallow depth make this particular lake ideal for a day by the water spent with your whole family.

You can also mellow out marvelously at Aqualux Therme Fohnsdorf. With 900 m² of total water area, you will be able to unwind in the warm thermal pools or during a session in the sauna, simultaneously allowing the mountain scenery of Upper Styria to work its wonders on your soul. And be sure not to forget your Murau-Murtal GuestCard for a 30% discount on all-day admission.

For an exciting personal adventure, how about rafting through the powerful currents of the green River Mur! From June until September, you can navigate the wild rapids with the help of a state-certified rafting guide. Afterwards, recharge your batteries with a full platter of hearty Styrian-style snacks.

Recreational activities in the Murau-Kreischberg region

For a completely different perspective of the diverse, beautiful landscapes, tandem paragliding is definitely the way to go. Soar through the air with an experienced pilot, allowing the air currents to lead you where they will. Yet another opportunity for a custom-tailored holiday: fishing in the River Mur or at the Rottenmanner Teich. The four golf courses in the Murau-Kreischberg region, including Murau Golf Club and the Mariahof golf course, live up to your highest golfing expectations and give you a perfect opportunity to lower your handicap during your holidays.

Our excursion tips

Tip 1: Murau - the beer town

Murau in Styria is a place that’s close to the hearts of residents and holidaymakers alike. Strolling amid the historic buildings of the town, you will discover countless shops as well as numerous cultural highlights, including the Capuchin Monastery, the Museum of Craftsmanship, Schloss Murau as well as the town parish church.

Living traditions and regionality are no strangers to the Murau Brewery either. In fact, beer brewing has been at the core of the Murau-Kreischberg region for over 500 years. At the “brewery of the senses”, visitors are introduced to the full brewing process. You can also look forward to tasting a few of their wide selection of Murau beers.

The town offers a wide range of shopping opportunities, with the town center home to several small boutiques with a special flair all their own. And enjoy culinary highlights from the region courtesy of one of the diverse restaurants and cafés in town.

Tip 2: Murtalbahn

Yet another highlight for the whole family is a ride on the steam train of the Murtalbahn. Experience the beauty of the region with its picturesque mountain scenery flanking the River Mur. Between Murau in Styria and Tamsweg in Salzburg, you will travel 65 km in traditional carriages outfitted in wood, able to take in the unique landscapes to the left and right of the train.

Beginning in Hohe Tauern National Park in Salzburg, the Mur Bike Path continues on Styrian soil as far as the wine & thermal region in southeastern Styria. Gliding past gentle mountains and clear lakes, in the Murau-Kreischberg region the bike path meanders primarily along side-roads and bike paths close to the Mur. The various small towns and villages you encounter during your ride invite you to stop from time to time for refreshments and a well-earned break, treating you to a delectable array of regional specialties from Styria. One of many advantages of the Mur Bike Path is the fact that it also connects conveniently with the Murtalbahn.

Tip 3: Etrachsee

One true insider tip is the idyllic Etrachsee in beautiful Krakautal. This lake, approximately 4 m deep, lies at 1374 m above sea level and is a popular excursion destination for a short hiking tour along the shoreline. “Seafarers” may prefer to explore the lake and breathtaking natural scenery by taking a boat ride. A country inn right next to the lake serves a collection of culinary specialties from the region.

I also recommend a hiking tour out and back between the Krakauebene and Etrachsee (actual hiking time: 3 hours). The Krakauebene is roughly a 20-minute drive from Murau.

Tip 4: Project Spielberg

Located barely an hour’s drive from Kreischberg is the famous Spielberg and the infamous Red Bull Ring. The name says it all. The roar of engines, the smell of gasoline and smoking tires have been fascinating spectators since back in the 1960s, drawing countless visitors to this popular region year after year ever since. Jochen Rind, Niki Lauda, Ayrton Senna and Louis Hamilton have all visited here representing the elite of Formula One racing. That said, the Spielberg is about much more than just motor sports. For example, intrepid guests who literally wish to reach for new heights frequently take advantage of opportunities for hang- and paragliding, experiencing a whole new perspective of the breathtaking landscapes of Styria stretched out far below. Fans of various sports, including hiking, mountaineering, cycling, skiing and golf, aren’t neglected in the slightest either. And if ever you prefer to take things a little easier, the nearby swimming pools and lakes allow you to relax and mellow out completely.

Tip 5: Salzburger Lungau

Nestled between the peaks of the Radstädter- and Hohe Tauern as well as the gentler Nockberge, you will discover neighboring Salzburger Lungau, an ideal place for hikes in the mountains, excursions and bicycle tours. Thanks to uniformly marked paths and various levels of difficulty, the Salzburger Lungau is ideal for families with children, though also an insider tip for professional athletes including cyclists. The highest E-bike region in Austria boasts several rental stations as well as roughly 100 battery recharging points. In other words, you now have a green light to explore Salzburger Lungau on 2 wheels. The only things to hold you up along the way might be one of the numerous mountain huts serving mouthwatering regional specialties, one of the clear, refreshing lakes or the astonishing nature.

Kreischberg Chalets
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